Delicate Steve To Premiere “Butterfly” Video On NPR

Don’t let his name fool as Steve Marion is anything but delicate when it comes to his playing and rockin’ arpeggios.  With the upcoming release of his full-length album, Wondervisions, Delicate Steve is premiering his video for the single “Butterfly” on NPR this week. 

In addition to the album’s release on Luaka Bop Records this week, Delicate Steve has also announced U.S. tour dates with shows kicking off Friday, February 4th at the Meat Locker in Montclair, NJ. Joining him for various dates on the road will be Akron/Family.

Check out Delicate Steve’s latest video for “Butterfly”.

Delicate Steve Reveals “Wondervisions” Cover Art + Tracklisting & Tour News!

“Delicate Steve makes music. And in today’s awful world, that’s almost all that matters. Right?” So concludes the wordy, is-it-a-joke press release from this New Jersey-based instrumental outfit comprised of five friends all in their early twenties. Such starry-eyed naivete is precious coming from the likes of band leader and multi-instrumentalist Steve Marion who is, after all, delicate. Whether the fact that Mr. Marion and his young cohorts make music is indeed all that matters is yet to be determined, however, but may be soon as the band has released the cover art and track listing from it’s debut LP, Wondervisions, set to be released February 1st on Luaka Bop records.


1 Welcome-Begin
2 Sugar Splash
3 Source ((CONNECTION))
4 The Ballad of Speck and Pebble
5 Attitude/Gratitude
6 Z Expression
9 Don’t Get Stuck (Proud Elephants)
10 Source ((BRIDGE))
11 Flyin’ High
12 Butterfly

You can catch Delicate Steve on their US Tour with Fang Island throughout November:

US Fall 2010 Tour

Fri 11/12/10 Lincoln Hall Chicago IL w/Fang Island
Sat 11/13/10 Smalls Hamtramck MI w/Fang Island
Sun 11/14/10 The Basement Columbus OH w/Fang Island
Mon 11/15/10 Grog Shop Cleveland Heights OH w/Fang Island
Tue 11/16/10 El Mocambo Toronto ON w/Fang Island
Wed 11/17/10 Il Motore Montreal QC w/Fang Island
Fri 11/19/10 The Met Cafe Pawtucket RI w/Fang Island
12/4/10 Pub on Main Allentown, PA w/ Javelin

Delicate Steve Signs With Luaka Bop

One of Brooklyn’s best unknown acts is about to make people take notice.

Delicate Steve announced that the band has signed with Luaka Bop records. A huge score for the label, as Steve has  transcended into one of the most talked-about bands in the crowded Brooklyn music scene.

Talked about in which ways?

While the band held down a month-long residency at  Williamsburg’s Union Pool, members of Dirty Projectors, Yeasayer, TV On The Radio and Fang Island would pop in for a look.

At the moment,the band is getting ready to release their first full-length, Wondervision, which will be out on Luaka this January.

If your curiosity about this fast-rising new band cannot wait until then, you can also see Delicate Steve live!

The band will be touring with Fang Island throughout the fall. You can see them…

***Tour Dates***
Mon 11/01/10 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia PA w/Fang Island
Tue 11/02/10 Rock and Roll Hotel Washington DC w/Fang Island
Wed 11/03/10 Ottobar Baltimore MD w/Fang Island
Thu 11/04/10 Local 506 Chapel Hill NC w/Fang Island
Sat 11/06/10 Drunken Unicorn Atlanta GA w/Fang Island
Sun 11/07/10 The End Nashville TN w/Fang Island
Tue 11/09/10 Skull Alley Louisville KY w/Fang Island
Wed 11/10/10 Firebird Saint Louis MO w/Fang Island
Thu 11/11/10 High Noon Saloon Madison WI w/Fang Island
Fri 11/12/10 Lincoln Hall Chicago IL w/Fang Island
Sat 11/13/10 Smalls Hamtramck MI w/Fang Island
Sun 11/14/10 The Basement Columbus OH w/Fang Island
Mon 11/15/10 Grog Shop Cleveland Heights OH w/Fang Island
Tue 11/16/10 El Mocambo Toronto ON w/Fang Island
Wed 11/17/10 Il Motore Montreal QC w/Fang Island
Fri 11/19/10 The Met Cafe Pawtucket RI w/Fang Island                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sat12/4/10 Pub on Main Allentown, PA w/Beach Fossils

Creating Beats with Javelin

I first saw Javelin back at CMJ 2009. One of my friends and fellow Modern Mystery writer, Joe, told me I just “Had to hear these guys.” Curious, we headed out to see the chill wave duo at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. It was noon time on a weekday. As intimate as it was, it was one of the highlights of my CMJ. The cousins who are currently residing in Brooklyn are getting bigger by the day. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with George Langford who was waiting to pick up Javelin’s new tour ride. Their debut album titled No Mas drops on David Byrne’s label Luaka Bop on April 20th. Be prepared for one of the hits of the summer.

Modern Mystery:The first time I saw you guys was at CMJ last year. At the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn at an early afternoon show. How has things changed for you since then?

George Langford: We played a lot more shows since then. We finished our full length that’s coming out in a few weeks, we just did a tour in the UK with Yeasayer. It’s a new experience. It’s been a barage since then, and we’ve had increase in activity, more opportunities and better shows. Things have been good since then.

MM: How does art play a role in your songs, stage performance, and overall image of the group?

Langford: Tom and I would both agree that a visual experience for us is a valid one in the way music is produced. What we draw inspirations from are musicians and other music but also visual things. We spend a lot of time at record stores and thrift shops and its not always the music but sometimes the cover. The two go hand and hand, the visual and sonic.

MM: Do you find it hard to bring what you created in the studio onto the live stage?

Langford: All the time, its pretty much the constant battle. It’s the fun of the challenge of the band. You’re in the studio and make this song, you try to create them and you can’t. You play that element and try to portray it live and jump around onstage.  It’s a learning process . We’re just two people. It’s a challenge.

MM: How do you create and write your songs? Where does your inspiration come from?

Langford: In the past it had been like two chemists working in the same lab, working on different projects and working with each other. Some of the best stuff we ever made are the instances we work together. Sometimes we make things together or bring it to the other guy and flush it out together. In the beginning we had very different styles and now its more similar. In the start for me it wasn’t competition to out do the other one but try to impress the other one. To come up with something better , try to impress the other person. That’s how it was in the early days.

MM: Have you ever been on the tour this much? Did you think a year ago that is where you would be?

Langford: We’ve never had to tour this much, its always been looming,. Like if we are going to do the music thing we’ll have to be road dogs at some points. Compared to some bands we’re hardly that. The next couple of months we’re going to be on the road a lot and it’s going to change the live show and format, getting loose with it and finding new ways to t do it

MM: Are you excited about the release of No Mas or more nervous?Langford: I’m so excited. So many songs we’ve been sitting on for years, some of the material is brand new, and some is old and reworked. It’s pretty bizarre. It’s like murder to me waiting for this to come out.

MM: How did you get involved with David Byrne’s label?Langford: It was just a lucky thing. We have been burning these cd-rs and selling them at shows, giving them to friends.  This one cd Jamz N Jemz just got in the hands of the people at the label, and here we are. I guess it doesn’t happen like that to a lot of people. We weren’t very active in the pursuits of labels.

MM:  What do you like more? Being in the studio or being on stage?Langford: In the past I’ve been very much of a studio type person. I’m a total hermit and I love being at my house, but it is a tremendous rush I get from performing. I used to have paralyzing stage fright but it went away…like panic attacks and anxiety. It’s now excitement .I could never understand this foreign idea of getting up there and performing but it feels so good. So I guess at the moment I enjoy being on stage. I don’t know how to compare.

Javelin- Oh! Centra by modernmysteryblog