Modern Mystery Holiday Party: Top 10’s From Your Favorite Musicians

The Spinto Band

 Here are our favorite things of the YEAR…Sorry it’s a bit fractured.


ROAR – I Can’t Handle Change EP
Miniature Tigers – Fortress
Pigeon John- Dragon Slayer
Generationals – Trust EP

Das Racist – Sit Down, Man

Magic Kids – Memphis

From A Fountain – Shale and Sandstone

Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Austin Leonard Jones – Superstitions
Half-handed Cloud – As Stowaways in Cabinets of Surf, We Live​-​out in Our Members a Kind of Rebirth


Black Swan
The Beast Pageant
Toy Story 3
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Hausu (Criterion Collection Release)

Charlotte Gainsbourg- Heaven Can Wait (the song/video)

It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (33 1/3 Series) – Christopher R. Weingarten
Wilson – Daniel Clowes


This summer- battling the Miniature Tigers to a game of Super Smash Brothers onstage at a concert in Akron Ohio. The loser of the game had to wear a Lebron James Cavaliers jersey (post-Miami decision).  We lost.  

Paul Sprangers  (Free Energy)

TOP STUFF ( in random order)

someone still loves you boris yeltsin – let it sway
titus andronicus – the monitor
mates of state – covers album
bear in heaven
big boi
surfer blood

best thing was eastbound and down season 2

Phil Dickey (Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin)

Here are my top 10 songs.

1. “Be Professional” by the ACB’s
2. “Boy Like Me” by the ACB’s
3. “Final Exam” by New Monsters Collective
4. “Live Here” by The Lonely Forest
5. “Dirty Thing” by Telekinesis
6. “Young Hearts” by Free Energy
7. “Hahahaohhoho” by Yellow Ostrich
8. “Best Supporting Actress” by One For The Team
9. “Babies” by Via Audio
10. “Hang with Me” by Robyn

The best thing that happened to me this year was getting married.

Aaron Pfenning (Chairlift, Rewards)

Top 10 songs of 2010.

1. Stars – Warpaint
2. Good Day Today – David Lynch
3. Round and Round – Ariel Pink
4. Only The Young – Brandon Flowers
5. Rules – We Are Scientists
6. Congratulations – MGMT
7. Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem
8. O.N.E. – Yeasayer
9. Empire Ants – Gorillaz
10. Dark Night of The Soul – Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse

Best thing of 2010:  Getting number ONE and TWO top scores on Gilligan’s Island pinball with Keith Murray at The Commodore.


 Justin Kennedy (Army Navy)

I have been in the studio most of the year and I really try not to listen to much new music while writing and recording. But these songs were some of the best that seeped in!

Top 10 songs of 2010

1. Cee Lo Green “Fuck You
2. Arcade Fire “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”
3. Avi Buffalo “Whats in it for”
4. The Good Natured “Your Body is a Machine”
5. Teenage Fanclub “Baby Lee”
6. Kanye West “Monster”
7. Broken Bells “The High Road
8. Band of Horses “Laredo”
9. Spoon “Got Nuffin”
10. Best Coast “Boyfriend”



Todd Goldstein (ARMS)

1. joanna newsom – have one on me
2. james blake – klavierwerke EP
3. vampire weekend – contra
4. baths – cerulean
5. walkmen – lisbon
6. caribou – swim
7. tame impala – innerspeaker
8. oneohtrix point never – returnal
9. jonsi – go
10. pantha du prince – black noise

best thing that happened to me this year: recording the new ARMS album with my amazing new(-ish) band.


Hollerado’s Top ten of 2010
1- Free Energy – stuck on nothing
2 – Titus andronicus – the monitor
3 – Molly rankin – she ep
4 – let’s wrestle – in the court of the wrestling let’s
5 – fang island – fang island
6 – Neil young – le noise
7 – atom division – red smith 7inch
8 – besnard lakes – are the roaring night
9 – strange boys – be brave
10 – Jamie gilmartin – and there was nothing on the radio

Note. We didn’t include arcade fire’s the suburbs because it is so obviously the best record if the year and it should be implicit that it is on everyones list.

Cale Parks (BRAHMS, Aloha)

Alicia Keys – Unthinkable (song)

James Blake – CMYK (ep)

The Radio Dept. – Clinging To a Scheme (lp)

Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Real Life Is No Cool (lp)

Fantastic Mr. Fox – The Eveyln (ep)

Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (song)

Vondelpark – Hippodrome (song)

Steve Moore – Primitive Neural Pathways (lp)

Matthew Dear – Black City (lp)

Dam-Funk – Do U Feel The Same Way I Do (song)

I found a secret spot in Central Park this fall. Many of my favorite moments of 2010 were spent here.

Jennifer O’Connor

Top 10 of 2010

Perfume Genius – Learning
Sharon Van Etten – epic
Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Fridays
Amy Bezunartea – Restaurants & Bars
Lower Dens – Twin Hand Movement
Arcade Fire The Suburbs
Joanna Newsom – Have One On Me
Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest
Seeing Tom Petty live finally
Belle and Sebastian “I Want the World To Stop”

The best thing I did this year was put out Amy Bezunartea’s debut record Restaurants & Bars on Kiam.

Jordan Hudkins (The Demon Beat)

Top Ten Songs of 2010 (New/Recently (Re)Discovered):

1. Yo La Tengo – “Sugarcube”
2. Weezer – “Getting Up & Leaving”
3. 1910 Fruitgum Co. – “Indian Giver”
4. Cold Cave – “Life Magazine”
5. Hammer No More The Fingers – “It’s About Caring”
6. The Black Keys – “Everlasting Light”
7. Spirit Night – “Don’t Miss Me”
8. Real Estate – That whole record is pretty gnarly
9. Small Black – “Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)
10. Electric Six – “Escape From Ohio”

Best thing that happened in 2010: Relentless touring!



Tucker Riggleman (The Demon Beat)

Top Ten Albums of 2010:

1. Beach House – “Teen Dream”
2. The Black Keys – “Brothers”
3. Spirit Night – “What We Will Be”
4. Woodworkings – “We Sit On Floors, We Stand On Chairs”
5. Girls – “Broken Dreams Club” EP
6. Dandelion Snow – “The Grand Scheme Of Things”
7. Pat Pat – “Wizard of This”
8. Lucero – “1372 Overton Park”
9. J Marinelli – “Pre-emptive Skankery Sessions”
10. Sufjan Stevens – “The Age of Adz”

Best thing that happened in 2010: Playing SXSW along with some of our very favorite bands/friends

Jason Nesmith (Casper and the Cookies)

Under the category of General Listening, this was the year of Sex Clark Five and Lee Dorsey. Those two artists demanded my attention. As for 2010 releases, here are my faves.

1. Aquaserge- Ce Tres Cher Serge, Special Origins
2. Kevin Dunn- No Great Lost (reissue)
3. LCD Soundsystem- This Is Happening
4. Poison Control Center- Sad Sour Future
5. Colleen & Paul
6. Field Music- Measure
7. The Apples In Stereo- Travellers in Space & Time
8. Mike Watt- Hyphenated-Man
9. Venice Is Sinking- Sand & Lines
10. Tela Menos- Patagonian Rats

also good:
Teenage Fanclub- Shadows
Stereolab- Not Music
of Montreal- False Priest
The Method Actors- This is Still It

Would have made the list, but it’s from 2009:
Claire & the Reasons- Arrow (from 2009, but FTW!)
Caribou- Swim

The best thing that happened to me all year:
I started working out! Not like six-pack-abs workin’ out, but general-well-being workin’ out. It changed my outlook on life. I’ve started staning differently. I’ve still got a little belly, and that’s probably not going to change. But I feel so much better.
Runner-up: I got to see Paul Collins (of the Nerves and the Beat) and Van Dyke Parks live, two of the best shows I’ve ever witnessed.

Jim Hix (Casper and the Cookies)

2010 saw the release of a lot of music, both mainstream and indie, that I was super-duper excited about.

When it comes to 2010 mainstream hip hop, 2010 had some really great and memorable stuff. The year began with the awesome (was it the third?) return of Jay Z: Blueprint Vol 3. Then all year we were treated to the emergence to the national stage of Nicki Minaj, hip hop’s lady gaga (that’s a good thing). And finally, we close the year off with my favorite major label record of the year, Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Like Smucker’s Jelly, even the ridiculous name (let’s not even mention the cover!) couldn’t hold that record back! In my favorite track of the year, Monster, you get Jay Z, Kanye, AND Nicki Minaj, all in the same three minutes and all spitting some of their best rhymes ever!

2010 was also the year that my favorite indie band, Poison Control Center, released their epic double record, Sad Sour Future. I’m not sure what the title of the record speaks to, but the songs it contains are instant classics in the PCC cannon for all fans. (if you’re not a fan yet it’s probably because you just haven’t heard them yet. Check them out, they’re SOOO GOOD!) Like I said, it’s double record yet it somehow manages to retain attention and listen-ability all the way through.

One of my other favorite bands, Indiana’s Jookabox, followed up their brilliant release, 2008’s Ropechain with 2010’s Deadzone Boys. (I just checked on Wikipedia and it says that Deadzone Boys came out in 09 but I didn’t get it until 2010 so that’s when I’m counting it!) It’s hard to describe jookabox by comparing them to other bands cause no one else really sounds like them. Trust me, they’re really good so you should get those two records!!

I have some friends in Toronto, Colleen and Paul, and they recorded a record this year under the name “Colleen and Paul” and this record is AMAZING! It’ relies mostly on acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies in the tradition of Simon and Garfunkel, and man, are the songs good! I just checked and the record is available on itunes for less than 8 bucks and it’s self titled and everyone should run to their computers and buy it cause they’ve never heard it and they don’t know that they have little holes in their hearts where these tunes are gonna fit so nicely.

I have to say, a lot of what I listened to this year was new music coming from the little legendary town I call home, Athens, GA! There’s a new three-piece called The Hums. I can find no web presence for this band and I don’t know if the record is released yet, I think my girl friend bought it at one of their shows, but man, its a great record that sounds kind of like the violent femmes playing white stripes songs, but not really. The album is called Lemonland and you can hear it current;y at the vision video store that I work at. I’ll keep you posted as I find out more. The other record I wanna plug cause if you don’t live here you’ve probably never heard of them but this record is my top record of the year, and it’s by a band called Quiet Hooves. The record is called, Saddle Up and I couldn’t find a place on the web where you could buy it but I know they had a cd release party this year so that’s released enough for me. Go one over to their myspace and check them out. (Start with the album tracks! That’s the stuff you wanna hear!) The songs sound like, I don’t know, really good well thought out baroque pop recorded on a cassette four-track. There’s whimsy and mystery and quiet moments of beauty. I can’t say enough good stuff about this album. Keep your eyes peeled and if you run across it, snag it up!!!

Alright that’s it for me. 2011 is gonna see some exciting new stuff for all the bands I play in. The Goons is going to release its first record so keep and eye out for that!! Marshmallow Coast is going to release “Seniors and Juniors Strike Back” which is a complete re-recording of Andy’s first album he released ten years ago! Casper and the Cookies have just started work on our next record and the demos are sounding awesome so look for a release from us sometime next year! Plenty of touring and promoting next year so if I’m in your town, come see me!!!

Owen Evans – ROAR!

Totally! What music fan doesn’t like to make lists? I’m really glad you included songs too. Smart!

1. Magic Kids – Memphis

2. Carol Cleveland Sings – The Cashmere Cassette

3. MGMT – Congratulations

4. Department of Eagles – Archive 2003-2006

5. Candy Claws – Hidden Lands

6. Miniature Tigers – Fortress

7. Avi Buffalo – S/T

8. Sparklehorse – Dark Night of the Soul

9. Half-handed Cloud – As Stowaways in Cabinets of Surf, We Live-out in Our Members a Kind of Rebirth

10. Mini Mansions – S/T

The best thing that happened to me this year was getting to go on tour with one of my favorite people/musicians and meeting the most amazing girl all in the span of two months.
Leslie Sisson

Leslie Sisson – Matt Pond PA, The Wooden Birds

Try this on for size…

2010’s Top Albums That Killed Me:

1. The Radio Dept – Clinging to a Scheme
2. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
3. Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record
4. The Crackling – Keep Full Ambitious
5. JUNIP – Fields
6. Beach House – Teen Dream
7. Sharon Van Etten – Epic
8. Best Coast – Crazy For You
9. Land of Talk – Cloak and Cipher

10. The Clientele – Minotaur

Aside Honorable Mention:

Matt Pond PA – The Dark Leaves
It’s too good to categorize. Ok, I know I’m in the band, but I’m not on this record so it’s fair to be my fave, even after hearing it repeatedly for a year. Matt is a truly talented songwriter and I’m honored to share the stage with him in not one, but two beloved bands.

This Year’s Top Happening:

My highlight moment was getting called up to sing with Broken Social Scene by the lovely Lisa Lobsinger on Central Park Summer Stage. That came close to dueting with Dan Mangan on the road and spending my year touring in The Wooden Birds and Matt Pond PA. 2010 was a good one. 

 Dave Feldman  (Wyldlife)

Here’s My Top 7 in no order:

1) The Biters- “Hang Around”
2) The So So Glos- “Fred Astaire”
3) The Ex-Humans- “Primitive”
4) The Booze- “Hate City Nights”
5) The Radio Exiles- “Secret Station”
6) The Danvilles- “I Tell You”
7) Cee-Lo Greene-“Fuck You” obviously. That song is incredible.

I’d say that being able to play a show with the Biters was probably my highlight, band wise. That, or any house party show we did at Purchase College. Then again, we haven’t played New Years yet at 58 Gallery, so it might still be too early to tell.

This year pretty much sucked on my end! Anything relating to the band was the best, save for a few more tattoos.

 Spencer Alexander (Wyldlife)
Heres my top 10 fav songs:

1. Social Distortion “Machine Gun Blues”
After 30 years they’ve still got it.

2.Tokyo Police Club “Favorite Food”
“Champ” is probably the album that was the soundtrack to my summer.

3.The Gaslight Anthem “Boxer”
Sure they sound like Bruce Springsteen, but I like Bruce.

4. The Biters “Hang Around” gotta agree with Dave on this one

5. Arcade Fire “Sprawl II (Mountains beyond mountains)”

6.the Black Keys “Everlasting Light”
I managed to sneak into the end of their set at Central Park, and these guys are as good live as they are on record.

7. Vampire Weekend “Giving up the gun”

8.Girl Talk “Oh no”
Anyone who can make people dance to Black Sabbath is good in my book.

9.Tokyo Police Club “End of a Spark”

10.Cee-Lo Greene “Fuck you”

Best thing that happened to me this year?
I would have to say playing a show at monster island basement in brooklyn, immediately driving to Iowa after our set on a random road trip, driving back to New York after a couple days, and then playing a 101.9 rxp showcase opening for Steel Train at the Bowery Electric. It was a crazy week to say the least.

That or hearing myself on the radio was pretty damn cool.


New York City’s Weekend Show Round Up

Saturday – October 2nd

Menomena, Suckers, Tu Fawning @ Webster Hall

Radio Happy House With Born Ruffians @ (le) poisson rouge

Born Ruffians, Winter Gloves, First Rate People @ Bowery Ballroom

Mirah, Tami Hart @ Bruar Falls

Efterklang, Inlets, Xylos, Nonviolence @ Glasslands

Foals, Girl in a Coma @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Van Dyke Parks, Clare & the Reasons @ The Bell House

The xx, Warpaint, Zola Jesus @ United Palace Theater

Sunday – October 3rd

Gayngs, Glasser @ Bowery Ballroom

Casiokids, Brahms, Bikini, VonChina @ Glasslands

Motel Motel, Zambri, Shilpa Ray, ArpLine @ The Rock Shop

Flying Solo with Cale Parks

2009_1024CMJ0111 by you.

Google Cale Parks and you’ll wonder if he’s human or cyborg. The confusion will hit you when you read the extensive—and impressive—list of bands he’s been a part of in recent years (drumming for Aloha, White Williams, Owen, and Cex, among others), and you’ll question how he has the time/energy/ability to do it all. But multi-instrumentalist Parks doesn’t want to be just another drummer in the experimental synth-pop crowd. Instead, the Ohio native is working hard from his Greenpoint pad to establish himself in the music melting pot of Brooklyn. His advantage: wit. Parks is a funny guy with bulging eyes, pleasant disposition, and, you know, talent. The past three years have seen the 30 year old go from MySpace stalker to tirelessly touring solo act. One night we sat in the backseat of a Zipcar—innocently (Parks is a real gentleman)—outside The Bell House in Park Slope and discussed where he’s at and where he’s going.

You’ve played in so many bands, primarily as the drummer for Aloha. How did the solo venture come about?

How it happened is I made a MySpace page in 2006 with all my solo songs on it and started adding Aloha’s friends, not looking at who they were. I just started click add add friend add friend backspace add backspace and so I asked record label [Stiff Slack] in Japan to be my friend and they were like, “We love Aloha! Send us your stuff.” And I was like, “I don’t have a solo record. Why don’t you put it out? Ha-Ha.” And they were like, “OK.” And that’s how it happened. That’s how I did Illuminated Manuscript. Then I started writing more songy songs and trying to sing.

 What are songy songs?

 Songs with singing, songy songs!

Do you consider yourself a good singer?

No. It’s hard, I have a baritone voice, so it’s hard to project and then when you strain too hard…I don’t know, this is technical talk.

What are you saying? It’s too technical, I can’t understand it?!

No, no, no! Sometimes you strain your voice and it’s hard to project and blah blah blah. But I just started singing live, it’ll be a year in November, so it’s still a new thing. Singing in your apartment is different. But I like singing. I like to think I’m getting better.

Are you trying to get better?

My mom and sister teach, so I called my mom after the Grizzly Bear show [at McCarren Park Pool] and I was like, “Oh my God, they sing so good. Can you send me some voice training books?” And I did a couple of tours with Passion Pit and Michael [Angelakos] has the most incredible voice ever. Listening to him sing and do his warm ups backstage, it’s not even singing, it’s just weird sound effects and sounds that babies make. Just crazy.

Do you prefer being part of a band or performing solo?

I’ve always been in other bands playing drums. It’s not like they don’t take you seriously because you’re a drummer, but you want to make yourself known. I had other ideas for songs that weren’t appropriate for bands like Aloha.

Are you looking to form a permanent band with Eric Lyle Lodwick and Drew Montag Robinson or just have them as part of your solo act? 

I’m not sure, we’ll see what happens. I don’t want to speak before anything happens, but we’re having a lot of fun playing together. So far, so good. I’m happy with it.

What shows have you done outside of New York?

I did a full US tour with Passion Pit this summer. It was me, them, and Harlem Shakes. I was the first of 3 in an 800-capacity theatre. I played all over solo, but it’s hard to connect with an audience because I’m doing so much stuff on stage. I sing and I play a sampler pad and I play keyboards and I drum and I play cymbals.  

Do you work on the side to support your music?

At APC in SoHo, it’s a French clothing store. I’m not touring till after the winter so I’m just working and only doing local shows for a while.

What’s your favorite local venue to play?

I played at Le Poisson Rouge once and it was amazing. I like Santos Party House.

How early did music factor into your life?

I’ve been playing music all my life, since I was 13 playing in bad bands and garage and all that fun stuff.  My friend David was like, “I have a guitar,” and I’d be like, “Well let’s see what you learned at your guitar lesson this week, David.” “I learned the intro to ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith.” “Cool, let’s play that.” “And I learned ‘Basketcase’ by Green Day.” “OK, let’s play it.”

Wow, hard stuff.

Yeah, almost as hard as a Weezer song.

So your albums,  Illuminated Manuscript and Sparklace came out in the past three years, are you planning on any new recordings?

I had [To Swift Mars] EP come out in August. I did a remix for [Bear Hands], “What a Drag.” It’s Three 6 Mafia meets Pet Shop Boys with Dylan [Rau]’s voice. Yeah, it’s that good. I have a couple of remixes lined up that I’m working on and I’ve got a bunch of new demos, so we’ll see in what format they’ll come out, if it’s me, my name, or another project, or if I make them into a car commercial.

 Cale Parks and his band are slated to perform at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, on November 14th.

 For more touring and general information, visit his MYSPACE or Cale’s WEBSITE . Also check out Cale’s photos from the Polyvinyl CMJ Showcase AFTER THE JUMP!

CMJ Marathon Shares More Bands With the World….

After an eternity of waiting for more CMJ bands to be announced, CMJ leaked the news on about 150 other bands that will be playing this afternoon.  The lineup is filled with unknowns and buzz bands, just how we like it. Polyvinyl and Park the Van are both doing showcases as far as we know. Polyvinyl will have Headlights, James Husband from Of Montreal, Cale Parks and Japandroids. Park the Van has the Spinto Band, and well we got really excited and didn’t get to read any further. The marathon will also feature some new kids on the block (no not those new kids on the block) like Cymbals Eat Guitars , Princeton and the Depreciation Guild. Oddly it also features a couple old timers like Sister Hazel and Vertical Horizon. Really? We’re not sure how we feel about those choices. After all it’s supposed to be about new emerging bands, not 1995’s leftovers. Below is the list released so far, and kids it’s only going to get better from here. We highlighted our favorites and must sees, we suggest you do the same.

A Million Years – Acrylics – Adam and Dave’s Bloodline – Adam Matta – Adam Tensta – Adventure – Alex Gopher – Alexandra Hope – All Day Holiday – Aloha – Amber Rubarth – Amy Kuney – An Albatross – AnamanaguchiThe Antlers – April Smith and the Great Picture Show – Atlas SoundBear Hands – Beat Radio – BELL – Benjamin Wagner – Benji Cossa – Bermuda – Big Takeover – Birds of Avalon – Black Hollies – Black Taxi – Blacklist – Blood Warrior – Bloodsugars – Body Language – Bonerama – Break Science feat. Adam Deitch – Brit and the Calvary – Broadcast – Brother Josephus & the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra – The Budos Band – Cale Parks – Calypso – Casino vs Japan – Choir of Young Believers – Chris Barron & Friends – Chris Kasper – Christopher Denny – Clare and the Reasons – Claymation Velociraptor – Clinton Curtis – Cobra Skulls – Corridor – Crystal Antlers Cymbals Eat Guitars – Dada Life – Danger – Dan Torres – Dang-It Bobby’s – Daniel Pujol – Dark Meat – Dark Room Notes – Darshan – Darwin Deez – Das Racist – Deer Tick – Denney and the Jets – Dent May – The Depreciation Guild – DeScribe – Diane Birch – Dick Prall – The Dig – Dinowalrus – Disciplines – Diwon – Dizzy Gillespie™ Alumni All-Stars – DJ Jonathan Toubin – DJ Odd Nosdam – Dolorean – Drawlings – Dred Scott Trio – Drink Up Buttercup – Drug Rug – Dum Dum Girls – ear pwr – ECHOecho – Electro Morocco – EOTO – Eprhyme – Ethan Lipton – Every Avenue – Excepter – Eyehategod – Fanfarlo – Felix Cartel – Fervor – Fieros – Fionn O Lochlainn – First Aid Kit – Flexions – Floating Action – Fool’s Gold – Foreign Echange – Frat Dad – Free Energy – French Horn Rebellion LIVE – French Miami – FUCT – The Fumes – Furcast – Generationals – Gentleman Reg – Gigi Fouquet – Goat Whore – Golden Boots – Golden Triangle – Grammar Debate – Great Republic of Rough and Ready – Greg Davis – Guyora Kats – Hank and Cupcakes – HarlemHeadlights – Heath Brandon – Heavy Cream – Heavy Weather – Hecuba – Helado Negro – Hesta Prynn – Hey Champ DJ – Higgins – The High Strung – Higher Giant – The Hi-Risers – Hockey – Holiday Shores – Hollerado – Hollis Brown – Holy Sons – Home and Garden – Hospital Bombers – Hot Panda – HotChaCha – Ian Axel – Ian Thomas – Immaculate Machine – Inlets – Ivan “Funkboy” Bodley – Ivana XL – J. Dash – Jaguar Club – James Husband – James Maddock – Janel and Anthony – Janelle MonaeJapandroids – Javelin – JBM – Jeff Taylor – JEFF The Brotherhood – Jess King – Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River) – Jonny Hirsch – Josh Mease – Julius C – Jupiter One – Kaiser Cartel – K-Holes – Kosha Dillz – Kria Brekkan – LA Riots – La Strada – Las Rubias Del Norte – Laura Marling – Laura Warshauer – Lemon Bell – Leslie Mendelson – Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez – Lia Ices – Like Bells – Lisa Bianco – Local Natives – Lost In The Trees – Lovvers – Lynch (ft. Jim Loughlin of moe.) – Marcus Johnson – Margaret Cho – Marianna Falusi – Math the Band – Mere – Michael Daves – Michal Towber – Mickey Factz – Midnight Juggernauts – The Mieka Canon – Mighty Five DJ – Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – The Minutes – Miz Metro – Modern Science – Modern Skirts – The Moi Non Plus – Mon Khmer – Montag – The Moore Brothers – Mr. Move – Múm – Mumford & Sons – Mutlu – Mystery of Two – The Naked Hearts – Nate Campany – Nathan Corsi Band – Natural Child – The Neanderthals – New Villager – Ninjasonik – NLX – Obits – The Octagon – Owen – The Pack A.D. – Paleo – Papa – The Paparazzi – Patrick Watson – Pela – Pepi Ginsberg – Pete & J – Pig Destroyer – Pill Wonder – Pissed Jeans – Pitbull – Pocketknife – The Polyamorous Affair – Portugal. The Man – Princeton – Puba – Ravens & Chimes – Red Wire Black Wire – Richard Julian – Right On Dynamite – Rings – Rob Roy – Rumspringa – Saul Williams – Savoir Adore – School of Seven Bells – Screaming Females – Sean Bones – Selmanaires – Shaky Hands – Shayna Zaid and The Catch – Shout Out Out Out Out – Signer – Silver Starling – Sin Fang Bous – Sissy Wish – Sister Hazel – Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds – Slow Club – So Many Wizards – So So Glos – Social Hero – Sonya Kitchell – Souljah – Space Capone – Speech Debelle – The Spinto Band – Squaaks – The Stalkers – The Star Department – Stationary Set – Still Flyin’ – Still Life Still – Strong Intention – Subplots – Suckers – Sugar & Gold – Super Extra Bonus Party – Superdrag – Superhuman Happiness – The Surrender – Sxip Shirey – Takka Takka – Tall Tall Trees – Taylor Barton with GE Smith – Teenage Bottlerocket – Telepathe – The Temper Trap – Terry Poison – Tickley Feather – Timber Timbre – The Title Tracks – The Toby Lightman – Tommie Sunshine – Toro y Moi – The Trashmen – Trouble Andrew –True Womanhood – Twi The Humble Feather – Two Man Gentlemen Band – The Uglysuit – U-God – Underwater People – Unnatural Helpers – The Unsacred Hearts – UUVVWWZ – Val Emmich – Vega – Vertical Horizon – Very Best – Via Tania – VIKING – Wallpaper – Warpaint – We Are Country Mice – We Are Enfant Terrible – We Are The World – We Should Be Dead – The Wheel – White Tie Affair – Wild Light – Wild Yaks – Wiyos – The xx – Y-Love – Yes Giantess – Zac Brown Band – Zaza – Zeus – Zs – Z-Trip – Zuri Star – ZzZ

Headlights Extend U.S. Tour and Hit Up CMJ

Polyvinyl darlings, Headlights have just extended their already lengthy U.S. tour for the fall. The band drops their third album, Wildlife (Polyvinyl) on October 6th and they are doing everything in their power to promote it. Recording their latest venture was not exactly easy for the band as there was a lot of turmoil which led to the departure of guitarist John Owen. The band states that Wildlife is their most personal album to date, and it’s a bit more complex. The first single, ‘Get Going’ shows just that. You can’t help but feel every emotion in singer Erin Fein’s voice. The Headlights have also announced they will be playing CMJ this year at the Polyvinyl showcase which will take place at Brooklyn’s Bell House. Sharing the bill with the band will also be Japandroids, Cale Parks and James Husband from Of Montreal. This is one CMJ show to mark on your calender.

Download The Headlights “Get Going”

Headlights Tour Dates

 10/15 – Iowa City, IA The Mill

 10/16 – Dekalb, IL The House

10/17 – Chicago, IL Apple Store on Michigan Ave. 2pm

10/17 – Chicago, IL Empty Bottle *#

 10/18 – Pontiac, MI The Pike Room *#

10/21 – Allston, MA Great Scott *#

 10/23 – Brooklyn, NY The Bell House / Polyvinyl CMJ Showcase $

 10/24 – Philadelphia, PA Kung Fu Necktie *#

10/25 – Washington, DC DC9 *#

 10/26 – Chapel Hill, NC Local 506 *#

10/27 – Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn #

10/28 – Orlando, FL Will’s Pub # 1

0/29 – Birmingham, AL Bottletree #

 10/30 – Memphis, TN Hi Tone Cafe #

 11/05 – Denver, CO Hi Dive #%

11/06 – Salt Lake City, UT Kilby Court #%

 11/07 – Boise, ID Neurolux #%

11/08 – Seattle, WA Sunset Tavern #%

 11/10 – Portland, OR Berbati’s Pan #%

 11/12 – San Francisco, CA Cafe Du Nord #%

11/13 – Los Angeles, CA Spaceland #%

11/14 – San Diego, CA Soda Bar #%

11/15 – Tucson, AZ Plush #%

11/17 – San Antonio, TX Rock Bottom #%

11/18 – Austin, TX Emo’s #%

11/19 – Denton, TX Rubber Gloves #

11/20 – Hot Springs, AR Maxine’s Pub #

 * = w/ The Shaky Hands
 # = w/ Pomegranates
% = w/ Anni Rossi
$ = w/ Japandroids, James Husband, Cale Parks



Almost a year ago we started this little blog and quite frankily never knew how much it would take off. To celebrate our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY this coming September 4th, we are giving back something to our fans.  Polyvinyl and a few other labels have sent us a ton of cds to give away, everything from Of Montreal to The Headlights, as well as posters, stickers and other goodies.

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