Song of the Day: Weezer – “Memories”

Weezer – Memories by Epitaph Records


Ringside Finds Themselves With ‘Lost Days’

Los Angeles has one more reason to boast. Coming January 25, 2011, local indie rockers, Ringside releases their much-anticipated second album, Lost Days.

Frontman, Scott Thomas takes the reigns on most instrumentation and production of Lost Days, but guest appearances are nothing short of stellar. Featured on the title track is friend and iconic rocker, Ben Harper. LA’s beloved funkmasters, Ozomatli, offer up their signature horns on two tracks. Weezer’s Brian Bell lends guitar work as does Harper and Kirk Hellie. The drum kit gets a little love from Joey Waronker, Jim Keltner, Josh Freese, Norm Block, Sandy Chila, and Jon Pikus.

Co-produced by band member and beat master, Balthazar Getty, Lost Days is Ringside’s first release since their debut nearly five years ago. Working with Scott’s broken back, which happened several months into production, Ringside has seen success with “Tired Of Being Sorry,” covered by friend Enrique Iglesias and French singer, Nadiya.

Weezer Announce the “Memories Tour”

“It’s all happening,” as Penny Lane would say.

 Only weeks after Weezer announced they would be touring eventually playing  just The Blue Album and Pinkerton, they have already revealed the dates of when and where the shows are taking place. Are you ready to fully relive your youth folks? Well we know we are. Okay, here it goes, check out all of the Weezer dates for the nicely titled “Memories Tour.”  Those in bold mark the beginning of the tour as prior dates will focus on promoting their newest disaster release Hurley (Epitaph)

Tour Dates

09-24 Columbus, OH – Ohio State University
09-25 Peoria, IL – Bradley University
10-01 Las Vegas, NV – Mirage Hotel and Casino
10-29 New Orleans, LA – Voodoo Festival
10-30 Atlanta, GA – Chastain Park Amphitheatre
11-26 Los Angeles, CA – Gibson Amphitheatre (Memories Tour)
11-27 Los Angeles, CA – Gibson Amphitheatre (Memories Tour)
11-29 San Francisco, CA – Nob Hill Masonic Center (Memories Tour)
11-30 San Francisco, CA – Nob Hill Masonic Center (Memories Tour)

Pretty sad looking right? For the reason there is no East Coast dates….yet. We have our fingers crossed though that the tour will head all over the country. It would be a shame if i didn’t.

Weezer Plan Blue Album & “Pinkerton” Tour

When I was 11 in 1994, the first cassette tape (yea tape, stop laughing) I brought on my own was Weezer’s Weezer (The Blue Album). I was extremely excited. I got it in Record Town. That doesn’t even exist anymore. I had seen the band’s video for “Buddy Holly” on MTV (when they still played videos mind you), in my cousin’s basement one spring day. Possibly after that awful Jenny McCarthy dating show.

Anyway, from that moment on, I was obsessed with the band. They were one of the groups that helped form my love for music, especially indie music. I recall sitting in my backyard listening to it over and over again on my cassette walkman on my swingset. In 1996 Pinkerton came out, and I got it on CD no less (big step) and listened to it on repeat for hours. The strange thing about all of this is that these two records can be seen as the best work that Weezer ever created. Frontman Rivers Cuomo has fallen off the track in his knack for songwriting time and time again, to the point I don’t give their music a second glance now-a-days. This, is sad. But a lot of people have felt the same way.

To rekindle the flame, Weezer have announced the plan for a pending tour in which they will only play tracks from the first two records. Weezer fans rejoice! Cuomo has already talked to MTV News about it so it sounds like a go from the start. When and where these shows will take place are up in the air as of right now, but the best bet is that they’ll be sometime early next year.

Here is what Rivers had to say to MTV:

“We have this really exciting idea to do a tour where we spend two nights in each city, and the first night, we play the entire Blue Album, and the second night, we play the entirety of Pinkerton. We’re just running it by promoters right now to see if there’s sufficient interest in the markets to do something like that, and if they’re on board, it’s gonna happen.”

Check back to Modern Mystery as soon as more information and tour dates drop from the band.

Weezer – “Undone – The Sweater Song” by ModernMysteryBlog

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks ‘Gardenia’ Video

Today I came across the newest Jicks video for ‘Gardenia’ which is oddly enough, my favorite song off of ‘Real Emotional Trash’. Every time Stephen Malkmus makes a video it manages to get a bit wierder if that is humanly possible. ‘Gardenia’ takes the new album artwork and brings it to life, literally. It features lip synching cameos from Girl Talk (and his forever attached headphones), Ratatat, The Cribs, and even Brian Bell. Sadly though, there is no Malkmus in the video which is always a downside. I don’t know about you, but I miss his thespian song acting. Either way this video is brilliant.

Watch the video for ‘Gardenia’ which you can view currently only at