Watch Magic Kids’ “Candy” Performed Live In Oakland

Magic Kids’ debut album Memphis, named after their hometown, out on True Panther Sounds came out in August and has led them to be compared to E.L.O, Belle and Sebastian, all with a Beach Boys influence. The video they have just premiered for the artsy music bloggers at Yours Truly is a record of their first venture out in the Bay area, where they performed at the Oakland’s Ghost Gallery on February 15th, 2010. During this rendition of “Candy,” the band was joined by Christopher and Garrett from Girls, Max from Smith Westerns, members of a weekend flute club, a string section and more friends for a touching and laid back performance.
Watch the video below:

If this intimate live performance caught your attention, you may want to catch Magic Kids on their tour, which currently has them running around Europe but will see them back in the US of A in November!

Here are their upcoming tour dates:
10/1 – London, UK @ Barfly
10/2 – London, UK @ Camden Proud Galleries
10/3 – Bruges, Belgium @ Botanique/Witloofbar
10/5 – Amsterdam, Holland @ Paradiso
10/6 – Tilburg, Holland @Tilburg 013/Batcave
10/7 – Hamburg, Germany @ Molotow
10/8 – Helsingar, Denmark @ Musikhuset Elvaerket
10/9 – Oslom, Norway @ Café Mono
10/10 – Gothenburg, Sweden @ Pusterviksbaren
10/11 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Landet
10/12 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Lades
10/13 – Berlin, Germany @ Magnet
10/14 – Köln, Germany @ Werkstatt
10/15 – München, Germany @ Atomic Cafe
10/16 – Zurich, Switzerland @ Club Zukunft
10/17 – Milan, Italy Indierocket party @ Rocket (free entry)
10/18 – Paris, France @ Point Ephemere
10/19 – Oxford, UK @ Jercicho Tavern
10/21 – Bristolm UK @ Louisanna
10/22 – Bristol, UK @ The Social
10/23 – Cardiff, UK @ Swn Festival
10/24 – Newcastle, UK @ The Cluny
10/25 – Leeds, UK @ Nation of Shopkeepers
10/26 – Birmingham, UK @ Hare and Hounds
10/27 – London, UK @ TBC
10/28 – London, UK @ Lexington
11/05 – Dallas, TX @ The Cavern (with Bosco Delrey)
11/07 – Houston, TX @ Numbers (with Bosco Delrey)
11/08 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon (with Bosco Delrey)
11/10 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 (with Bosco Delrey)
11/12 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge (with Bosco Delrey)
11/13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn (with Bosco Delrey)
11/15 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern (with Bosco Delrey)
11/16 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle (with Bosco Delrey)
11/17 – St. Louis, MO @ Firebird (with Bosco Delrey)
11/18 – Nashville, TN @ The End (with Bosco Delrey)

The Beauty of the Sound of Dignan


I’m an eighteen-year- old music journalist who pretty much sucks at everything I do.  I do nothing with my life but go to shows.  Lord, how I live for shows.  I travel hours and hours to reach certain destinations and cities to go to shows and experience the feeling of live music.

 This past year, I journeyed on to my first year of college.  Going to a private university that I did not even want to attend, I made the best of it by making myself friendly with the music venues.  I love San Antonio, but the music scene up here is horrible.  And I hate even mentioning the word “music” and “scene” within the same sentence, but I’m being completely honest  with the music style  (I dig that word better) that San Antonio has to offer.  Don’t g get me wrong, there are a few local bands from here that have some talent.  But for the most part, I do not fancy it all that much. 

I matured as a human being while listening to Dignan.  Dignan is this beautiful five-piece band from McAllen, Texas.  They play the most harmonic and melodic tunes that anybody will ever hear.  (My father even loves their sound.  Come on now!)  Being in San Antonio separated Dignan and I a good four hours.  However, that didn’t stop me to seeing and hearing them.  I’d travel during the school week to see them and drive four hours in the wee hours of the night to make it to class the next morning.  Dignan is the one band that I’d do anything for.  They have molded me so much that I can’t even begin to explain.


It’s 2:02 in the morning as I sit in front of this computer and ramble on run-on sentences.  I’m sorry for my lack of correct grammar.  My weekly migraine decided to barge in on me today and keep my mind company.  There I go again- I’m getting off topic.

About an hour ago, I was at Sam’s Burger Joint listening to Dignan.  Right in front of lead singer, Andy Pena, mic as always, I stood there swaying side to side- more than likely looking like an idiot with uncontrollable spasms- and everything in my life felt right.  How many times does every SINGLE thing in a person’s life feel right?  Maybe it’s just me, but I hardly EVER feel that way.  And last night/ this morning, everything felt perfect.

It was Trey Perez, the drummer, last night to perform with Dignan.  He is pursuing his education and attend college in Austin.  Maybe that’s what did it.  The whole this-is-the-last-time-I’ll-hear-Trey-live momentum.  I swear for a second, I wanted to cry when they played their last song.  I thought to myself, “This can’t be his last performance.  Trey IS Dignan.  He belongs with Dignan.  Dignan can’t be Dignan without him”.  And then I realized, I felt the exact same way with Dignan’s former drummer too.  Except, I didn’t see Dignan live when the other drummer was there.  I started seeing them when Trey was there.  And I felt as if Trey grew with me; as my mind and soul grew with him being there.  That was taken away from me tonight. 

I’m not too sure where I’m getting with this.  I mainly wanted to state that tonight’s show was beyond amazing.  It was beautiful.  As always, their energy and passion took over the crowd.  My Lord, I love Dignan so much.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain to a person how much I love them and how much they have changed me. 

I’m a college student who has a lot on my mind.  From my future to lack of future to ex lovers and  everything in between, it consumes my life.  I drown in my thoughts.  But, seeing and hearing Dignan live…that takes it all away.  I swear, it does.  During their set, not a single unhappy thought races through my mind.  My future has vanished.  My misery of being single and lonely has vanished.  It all vanishes.  Dignan is the unconditional love that is sent from some sort of high heaven to guide me.  I know I cannot possibly be the only person who feels this way about them.  And if I am, then hell, I sure am sounding like some crazy fangirl.  Really, though, if you haven’t already-PLEASE give Dignan a listen.  There music is something so beautiful that every person must hear before they die.


I want every person who reads this to give them a listen.  If you aren’t willing to cough up some bucks, I will personally e-mail you some of their tracks so you can experience the true joy that Dignan has to offer.  It’s an offer you can’t refuse.

They are currently about to start their tour with O’brother (in which is another band you will be reading an article from sometime soon).  Definitely check out the dates and locations.  If you are by the area, go out and support them.  Both bands put on mind blowing performances. 

Dignan & O’brother tour dates:

Aug 27 – New Bern, NC @ Broad Street Music
Aug 28 – Raleigh, NC @ The Brewery
Aug 29 – Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Hall
Aug 30 – Greenville, SC @ The Channel
Aug 31 – Greenwood, SC @ Homemade Genius
Sept 01 – Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern
Sept 02 – Atlanta, GA @ The Wonderroot
Sept 03 – Milledgeville, GA @ Buffington’s
Sept 04 – Macon, GA @ Cafe 567
Sept 05 – Columbus, GA @ Gallery 13
Sept 06 – Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub
Sept 07 – Tallahassee, FL @ TBA
Sept 08 – Fort Walton, FL @ TBA
Sept 09 – Mobile, AL @ Alabama Music Box
Sept 10 – Pensacola, FL @ Sluggos
Sept 11 – Hanceville, AL @ Space Camp Festival
Sept 12 – Hattiesburg, MS @ 1126 House
Sept 13 – Louisiana @ TBA
Sept 14 – Louisiana @ TBA
Sept 15 – Shreveport, LA @ TBA
Sept 16 – Austin, TX @ Emo’s
Sept 17 – Waco, TX @ Common Grounds
Sept 18 – Dallas, TX @ Mokah
Sept 19 – San Antonio, TX @ The Ten Eleven

 Check out Dignan on MYSPACE


By Krista

Miniature Tigers Announce New Tour Dates, Release New Songs

Ah, summer is actually almost over and we’re already thinking about the fall a bit. What better way to start off the season with a few concert dates with one of our favorite new bands, The Miniature Tigers. The boys will be hitting the road again starting on September 8th with indie band Fun. Jump on these tickets fast as the shows are selling out quickly!

In other news, Charlie Brand has been posting some B-Sides from ‘Tell It To The Volcano’ on his twitter. Wow, can these guys possibly get any better?

Give these new tracks a listen ‘Roaring Twenties’ and ‘River of Blood’

Sep 8 2009 8:00P
 Kilby Court w/Fun Salt Lake City, Utah

Sep 9 2009 8:00P
 Club 156 @ U of Colorado Boulder w/Fun Boulder, Colorado

Sep 11 2009 8:00P
 The Shelter w/Fun Detroit, Michigan

Sep 12 2009 8:00P
 The Intersection w/Fun Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sep 13 2009 8:00P
 Club @ Water St. Music Hall w/Fun Rochester, New York

Sep 15 2009 8:00P
 North Star Bar w/Fun Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sep 16 2009 8:00P
 Great Scott w/Fun Boston, Massachusetts

Sep 17 2009 8:00P
 Mercury Lounge w/Fun New York, New York

Sep 18 2009 8:00P
 Jammin’ Java w/Fun Vienna, Virginia

Sep 20 2009 8:00P
 The Drunken Unicorn w/Fun Atlanta, Georgia

Sep 22 2009 8:00P
 Rocketown w/Fun Nashville, Tennessee

Sep 23 2009 8:00P
 The Firebird w/Fun St. Louis, Missouri

Sep 24 2009 8:00P
 Schubas Tavern w/Fun Chicago, Illinois

Sep 25 2009 8:00P
 Triple Rock Social Club w/Fun Minneapolis, Minnesota

Interview: Everything is Grand with Robbers on High Street

Recently I had the chance of interviewing one of my favorite bands, Robbers on High Street. The main duo of Benjamin Trokan and Stephen Mercado are undeniably funny and told us all of their little secrets. You’ll have to read on to find out all of the details but let’s just say it involves Jordan Knight, a Liver, and Zero Population. The band is preparing to release their third record, the follow up of ‘Grand Animals’. Here is what the band had to say…

So you guys grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York, right?

Benjamin Trokan: No

Stephen Mercado: No

BT: You just jumped right into it! (laughs)

Did you guys play any shows around there or was it just strictly talent shows, those kind of things?

BT: No we played our first show there…

SM: Yea that was our first show…

BT: ….and then Stephen was our sound guy for a while and uh…What was that place called?

SM:  Club Crannel.

BT: We played the Chance.

Its pretty much obligatory that you play the Chance and The Loft!

BT: We only just played The Chance. Last November or December we played The Chance. You have to be a band for like seven years or ten years, something like that.

I didn’t know that!

BT: We played with Perfect Thyroid. Ever hear of those guys? No? Sorry! (laughs)

SM: Maybe its because, well I don’t know. We’re not really from there, well, we are, but we’re not.

BT: Well yea, that’s fair.

How did the rest of the band come together?

BT: Uh….(silence)

SM: Okay, well…

BT: You go for it!

SM: Um well it started out with Ben and I playing songs together, then we went to college. Then he knew this guy Tomer who played drums in another band and we got our buddy Jeremy to play bass. Then after that, Tomer left and we got our buddy Mike in to play drums and Jeremy had left previously before Tomer had left, and then a  bunch of our keyboardists died (laughs)Looks at Keyboardist Dave Sherman It’s not looking to good for you dude! (laughs) But yea, that’s how the lineup came together.

BT: Yea!

SM: You got all that?

I think so, but the recorder does!

How has the relationship in the band changed over time?

BT: It’s gotten better.

SM: I think so, um we don’t want to kill people (laughs) A lot of bromance.

BT: No it’s totally like a serious group on the road.

SM: Yea like you hear horror stories about bands touring and maybe we’ve had some rough spots in the beginning…

BT: We, in the beginning, used to have knock out, blow ups like people wanted to kill people before we got home.

SM: There was a rough patch.

BT: No but like with this one…

SM: Yea this one is like so harmonious. Like the last tour we went on was actually almost  like hanging out at the same time. We all live within a mile of each other, but it’s very harmonious. We all love each other.

How does the songwriting process occur for the band? Is it a collaborative idea?

SM: Well Ben does most of it, but he’s never one to riot, and let’s us give ideas and change things. He’s very good about that. But he does most of it. Sometimes I’ll throw in a couple of ideas and he’ll finish the song. He’s good at it.

You have been working on your upcoming third album. How has that been going?

BT: It’s going pretty good. I think. I mean, the songs are done. I think we’re just sort of fleshing them all out. Fleshing or flushing? I never know. Flushing right?

That sounds about right.

SM: Flushing sounds so gross, like we’re flushing it out.

DS: I’d stick with flushing. I’d say we’re flushing them out.

SM: Flushing them out means like ‘oh we’re cutting songs’

BT: Okay then, we’re fleshing, not flushing!

SM: Either way! (laughs)

Do you feel any pressure releasing your third album since the first two were rather successful?

BT: I don’t feel that at all. I really wouldn’t say the second was big (laughs).

I liked it!

BT: People liked it more maybe, but we loved it more so I can only assume it was successful.

SM: Yea I think everyone is really excited about it (the 3rd record)

BT: Of course it will be like finalized in the studio with handclaps like we just…

SM: Me, you and Morgan.

BT: Yea we need to do a lot of overdubs but like, I mean I like the way it came out. It will be different. It will be better actually.

What is your favorite new song you’ve been working on?

BT: I know my answer.

SM: You first.

BT: I like this song called ‘Watch it Disappear’.

SM: That’s my favorite!

BT: It’s fun to play and fun to play live.

SM: I mean, it’s a great song, you did a great job!

BT: Did that exist? Can we play that back? Did that actually record? (laughs)

How does the new album differ from your previous releases?

SM: I feel like this album is more like the first album, where it’s just gotten a little, well it just rocks a little more. But I think there is a little more development in the songs themselves.

BT: Yea they’re a little trickier I guess. It’s definitely a little more upbeat.

Which do you prefer more, being in the studio or being on tour?

SM: I don’t know the last few tours were pretty rough.

BT: They have, but the last time we were in the studio was not fun.

SM: Well yea, but when we did the first record that was fun.

BT: Yea that was fun…

SM: And the tour we did then…

BT: …was not  fun. They both suck! (laughs)

Which is your favorite song to play live?

SM: It will probably be ‘Watch it Disappear’

BT: We do this Kinks cover. That may be my favorite song to play live (laughs). I hate to say it.

SM: That is a very good song to play.

BT: It’s very cool.

Who are your influences, either new or old?

SM: My Mom and Dad (laughs)

BT: I don’t know, I think it’s pretty obvious.

SM: I really like Ray Davies, he likes Ray Davies.

BT: It’s just, I don’t know, late 60’s.

SM: Paul Weller.

BT: Yeah, Paul Weller.

SM: I’ve been into a lot of power popish bands. I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. The Clash?

BT: I hate The Clash!

SM: I think you’re influenced by what you know.

BT: I just say ‘Awesome’ (laughs)

How do you choose what tracks you want on the album, and do you ever plan to release the tracks that don’t make it?

SM: Its nice to think of the idea to release a 7 inch of stuff or something.

BT: Yea, I don’t know that we have so much. I guess we have some B-sides, I don’t know who would want to buy it!

SM: That’s fair.

BT: There is only one extra song from the last record I’d want to see the light of day. We don’t really keep track of a lot of songs.

SM: Maybe, it was like 20?

BT: No it’s like 3 or 4 songs.

SM: Really? (laughs)

Do you ever find it hard to bring what you did in the studio onto the stage?

BT: Yes!

SM: Yeah, the recent demos that we taped kind of got a little vocal happy so there’s like seven part harmonies that are not so easy to sing.

BT: I just like playing it back hearing myself like ‘Me times seven!’

SM: No it’s really, well we have this device that’s like a buddy of ours, and it’s a vocal harmonizer. We were like ‘You don’t need it, give it to Ben!’

BT: I just step on a button!

SM: And you immediately have five Bens! The vocals are tricky, we have to have little vocal sessions.

BT: It pays off.

SM: It’s weird sitting in a room with two to three guys.

BT: I like doing that ‘Ahhhhh’ (sings) It’s a good time.

SM: It’s hard, it’s tough but everyone is pretty crafty and we figure it out.

Do you have a title for the new album yet or is it a secret?

SM: ‘Strictly Business’?

BT: ‘Strictly Business’ or ‘Physics on Patrol’. Uh, ‘Big Sandwich’ ?

SM: Weirdest album title (laughs)

BT: Yeah!

SM: The cover concept is going to be Ben in a blazer, leaning on a piano.

BT: Though what was the other idea we came up with yesterday?

SM: There was one, ‘Robbers Vs. The Electric Eye’.

BT: Oh yea, that would be a good one.

SM: What was the one you came up with the other day?

BT: Oh yea! It was called ‘Your Face, My Fart’. There would be a fart of wind and all of our hair just blowing on the cover (laughs)

What was the first band you were a part of and was it completely awful?

BT: It was with you! (looks at Mercado) and it was completely awful.

SM: It was called Zero Population.

BT: Yea, Zero Population was our first band, but we never rehearsed, we would just write the lyrics to each other and sing how it would be and that was it.

SM: No we had a couple where we had bass and we just thrashed around not knowing what to do.

BT: Oh yea (sings) ‘Zero Population growth, everyone’s gone, nothing’s left, the bomb came down and we’re upset.’ (laughs) Early collaboration, bootleg!

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you while on the road?

BT: I may still have to say the Jordan Knight….

SM: Oh easily, we opened for Jordan Knight in Rock City?

BT: Rock Island, uh, Illinois.

Well you can’t say you opened for Jordan Knight and drop the story!

BT: Yeah next question! I got to cash in my tokens! No we were on tour and it was some kind of fair, county fair rock out. We were touring with that band Ambulance and they were playing some other stage with someone probably equally as questionable and we were like ‘What the hell is going on here?,’ and I think they hated us that’s why. We literally played at three in the afternoon to like a bunch of middle aged women with their fold out chairs that have the cupholders. You know, they just showed up. They didn’t know who the hell we are. They were lined up across the grass.

SM: That was really, really strange.

BT: It was weird.

SM: Then remember the guy before Jordan Knight? When we raided the stage and started dancing?

BT: Right so then some guy before him was this guy named ‘Jerry’ who was going for that tween angle, he’s got a headset and he’s got dancers and he (Mercado) was totally hitting on the guy’s mom.

SM: I was not hitting on his mom! She was very friendly with me. They were all pissed at us.

BT: Yea we danced across the stage.

SM: We had the van running and we were like ‘Okay, Ben was drunk enough to convince him’ and it was like we run in that side, we dance and run. We do it, we get in the van and security comes over and knocks on the window. We roll the window down and he goes ‘Thank You!‘ (laughs)

BT: And JK’s just back there dancing the whole time to Jerry. No he was just drinking beer in his SUV and every now and then he’d roll down the window. And his SUV just got there when Jerry went on and then he came out and was eating it, you know?

Wow that is something I sorry I missed. Best story ever!

What is you favorite album of all time?

BT: Of all time?

SM: Oh….(pause) Maybe my favorite current one…

BT: That’s a tough call, really? What’s your favorite album of all time?

I don’t have one, that’s what I ask everyone else!

BT: So you ask questions that you have no idea what the answer is yourself?

I’ve never had a solid answer!

SM: I don’t have just one.

BT: I mean there is a desert island theory which might include some things…

SM: I think there’s The Cure.

BT: This could be a whole hour!

SM: We could just go on and on.

BT: I still talk about this almost nightly and don’t have an answer.

SM: Definitely ‘Zeppelin III’

BT: I would definitely say ‘Physical Graffiti’. Well it was definitely a big record for me, I mean, it changed my life. I have fond memories of that record.

SM: This is why we should be on an island together!

BT: I might need, Big Star, the second Big Star Record. Anyway you should just go to the next question (laughs)

If you weren’t in Robbers on High Street, what would you be doing?

SM: Um probably what I’m doing now.

BT: Yea probably what I’m doing now.

SM: Bartending, I’d be a bartender.

Where do you see Robbers on High Street in 10 years from now?

SM: Woah um another question I don’t have the answer for!

BT: What did you get this out of a yearbook or something? Who has the best hair….(laughs)

SM: In ten years I see Robbers at either my funeral or Mikey’s funeral.

BT: That would definitely be bad.

You’ll be playing Jordan Knight’s funeral.

SM: No we’ll be opening for Jordan Knight.

BT: No we’ll be playing some sort of get well soon party for either you or Mikey because one of you just had a liver transplant (laughs) and it will probably be Morgan’s liver because that’s the only clean liver I think.

SM: Do you think he would give me his liver?

BT: No then actually he’ll die. You need a liver.

SM: Yea you need a liver.

Maybe a kidney?

BT: Yea a kidney right!

SM: Like I said attending mine or Mikey’s funeral.

You’re going to be attending your own funeral?

SM: Well obviously.

You really aren’t attending if you’re dead.

BT: You can’t really play then either.

SM: You could just pre-record my part!

BT: I’m going to play ‘Glad to See You Gone’ (laughs).

SM: I was not flirting with Jerry’s mom, she was flirting with me!

Was she drunk?

SM: What are you saying? (laughs

Usually when older women are friendly, they’re drunk.

BT: Maybe she was just friendly.

Maybe she just thought you were foxy (laughs)

SM: That’s probably it. Maybe she was lonely.

But could you really be a stage dad to Jerry? Could you give him the support he needs?

(Long pause. Mercado in deep thought)

SM: Clearly not!

Check Out More Robbers on High Street Interview and Live Photos after the JUMP

Causing a Scene with The New Collisions

Meet our newest writer, Olivia Hauck! She also writes for the amazing blog ‘Rock n Roll Boston’. Olivia recently sat down with indie pop sensations The New Collisions who discuss everything about how they met to Scott Guild’s Brian Wilson obsession.
All Photos by Michael Connors

The New Collisions will get you out of your seat and dancing like a maniac. The band’s playful, synth-y pop melds perfectly with silver-haired frontwoman Sarah Guild’s sexy and intimately intense vocals. Within the first five seconds of songs like “Parachutes on the Dance Floor” and “Ones to Wander,” it is impossible not to get hooked on their addictive music. Their fantastic sound translates into an energetic and commanding live performance, making a New Collisions show one worth attending.

Scott and Sarah of The New Collisions

Liv: How did you two meet, music related or otherwise?

Sarah: We met in college, at Marlboro in Vermont during some freshman orienation thing.

Scott: It’s a weird, weird place. The kind of college that if you get caught with pot, they give you a five-dollar fine. Originally, Sarah’s from Pennsylvania and I’m from Connecticut…two hot spots.

 Liv: Were you studying music?

Sarah: We were going to school basically for general studies…I was looking to do something with herbology, or botany or something

Liv: Are you still involved in that?

Sarah: Well, I’m a massage therapist so I get to work with herbal essential oils.

Liv: Scott, what is your day job?

Scott: I work all over Boston…Banana Republic, Middle East, T.T. the Bears, I did some real estate stuff… I worked at Cheapo Records for, like, a day…

Liv: You happen to be married… when did you two decide you liked each other?

Sarah: It was about two months into our friendship, I think?90411mac053

Scott: She had a boyfriend! And she dumped him! I was a nihilist at the time, so of course I was irresistible.

Sarah: And I was looking for a challenge!

Liv: How did you come to realize you wanted to play music together?

Scott: That was way down the line; we were already married. I sort of played, but I don’t even think I had a guitar when we met, did I?

Sarah: Oh, you did, you were playing Bob Dylan songs, playing like…”Earth Angel.”

Scott: I love that song “Earth Angel.”

Liv: When did you get the band together? And evolve into the genre you’re in now?

Scott: I was 23, and I had just finished my degree in Philsophy. We went over to England so I could do grad school at Oxford, and we soon realized we wanted to return to the States to do something musical. We re-located back to Connecticut, and both enrolled in grad schools there. We were immediately unhappy…without bashing Connecticut, it’s safe to say there is a very diminutive music scene. Although we were both in school, we realized more and more how much we liked doing music. Actually, we were doing folk music at the time – well, more ambient, weird, Sufjan Stevens-esque. We got really, really bored doing that after awhile.

Sarah: We played the coffee house circuit, but people would rather watch the TV than listen to us.

Scott: I eventually bought an electric guitar; we wanted to pursue a more upbeat, rock and roll sound. We holed up in our bedroom for days with a drum machine, just writing new stuff…and suddenly we had all new songs! I’m not even sure how it happened…so we put together a band around this, and never knew how much fun we’d have playing this dance pop rock music. It’s rock, but it’s melodic, it’s dance-able…

Liv: What are some musical influences for your “dance pop rock” sound?

Sarah: Missing Persons, Debbie Harry…

Scott: Our music at first though was a lot more like Arcade Fire, The National, and Interpol, but a little more sedate, a little more mopey. They’re all our favorite bands, but it’s not music you can dance to with your girlfriends (imitate dancing girls). As we developed and played more shows, we noticed people dancing to our music, so we started playing faster and faster-

Sarah: I think there is something we missed here, we had moved to Boston at this point!

Scott: Oh yeah, we had already moved up here while this was happening!

Liv: How did you decide on Boston?

Scott: Boston is just so sweet and inviting, we love this city.

Liv: The local music scene is incredible here, for a city of our size…

Scott: Yeah, the music scene in Boston welcomed us with open arms. The first show we played was at TT’s. We just showed up here, playing our music, and everyone was incredibly good to us. I don’t think we’ve had a single bad experience with the local music scene. Fans are so supportive.

Sarah: We’re not trying to be mainstream, per se, but we’re trying to reach as many people as possible with our music. We want to be attainable.

Scott: Our lyrics are meaningful, and the content is something a lot of people can relate to.

Liv: What’s the lyric writing process? What goes through your head? Do you simply sit down and say “Ok, today I’m writing a song” or does it just spontaneously come to you?

Scott: I’ll write the lyrics, just doodling whatever comes out, but since I can’t really sing it’s more like, “Uhn uhn uhn uhn dun dun dun dun” all on one or two notes. I’ll give the lyrics to Sarah-

Sarah: And I’ll be like, “Ok, this is good, keep that, move that line over here, change the chorus…” I’ll hear him strumming on the guitar and I’ll join him in his doodling, just humming melodies and working things out for hours.

Liv: Do you transcribe any of the music?

Scott: I don’t, ever. I play chords on my guitar, I hum the lyrics, and I just remember it, figuring out what works and how the lyrics go with what chords I’m playing…

Sarah: Scott’s really good at phrasing. There will always be the right number of words for what he’s playing.
Scott: But Sarah is more classically trained, so she can write things down. When she does keyboard parts she can notate it.

Liv: When it comes to your melodies, Sarah, do you write those down?

Sarah: No, I memorize them. I rarely write down my melodies.
Scott: Sometimes she sings a song differently a few times before we nail down what we like, we were in the studio earlier and she started singing one song like we’d never heard it before.

Sarah: I’m always improvising. I never really bolt down a melody.
Liv: What’s your favorite song to play live? What gets the adrenaline exploding through your body?

Scott: The two new songs we just did in the studio with Anthony J. Resta; he used to produce Duran Duran and Blondie. He’s unbelievable. We collaborated with him and Greg Hawkes of The Cars; Greg came in and layed down keyboard parts for these two songs.

Sarah: The two new ones are called “No Free Ride” and “Beautiful and Numb”. We love playing them live.

Scott: We have them as singles, which sound better than anything we’ve done so far, but we’re just waiting to release them. They’re going to be digitally released and on a 7 inch.

Liv: Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?

Sarah: I want to be touring. We have to be.

Scott: This time next year I know we’ll be touring. That’s what we want. Badly.

Sarah: Our team, our entertainment lawyer, manager, and producer, sees us breaking into England and exploring that market. We have a lot of friends in South America who think our music would do well down there also.

Scott: The overall goal right now is just to keep building and building the fan base.

Liv: It seems you’ve been through the “getting started” process, done and finished with scrounging around at coffee houses…do you have any advice for musicians just starting out? Anything you did or didn’t do well, something you’d do again?

Scott: I think the two things that worked best for us was that you have to put on an energetic and crazy live show. That’s what gets people to remember you. That’s what gets people talking about you. I’ve seen bands starting out and they stand there stock still, nervously performing, and it doesn’t work. That’ll kill you. The other thing is that a band should meet every single fan and every single person interested in the band’s music.

Sarah: Just be open and friendly. I appreciate so much the people on the top tier still being down to earth and helpful.

Scott: I remember, once when I was working at the Middle East, I was the driver for Tom Morello. We ended up hanging out with him for like, two days. We had a blast, he was fantastic.

Liv: If there is any band or musican you would ideally love to collaborate with in any capacity, who would it be?

Scott: I’d love to do something with Brian Wilson.

Sarah: Scott is a Brian Wilson superfan. It’s borderline creepy.

Scott: Brian Wilson literally has changed my life.

Sarah: The way he produced music made me think about music differently…. but I would like to meet Debbie Harry.

Liv: Who wouldn’t? She’s a goddess.

Sarah: She’s so amazing, and she just has this edginess that isn’t pretentious. It’s all coming from who she is as a person and from her life experiences. She’s one of those inherently cool people.

Liv: Got any famous last words you’d like to leave us with? Better think of something witty and clever so we know that you’re cool.

Scott: I’m very appreciative of how quickly our band has progressed, and how many people have attached themselves to us, helping promote us and helping push us forward. We don’t have trust funds or rich parents, and everything we get to do is because we make it happen with the help of our friends and fans. Thank you!