Raimie Delivers Epic Release “Sunroom 83” – A Standout for 2022

Every once in a blue moon an artist bursts onto the Hip Hop scene with enticing charm, authentic flows, and a real sense of pre-eminence. With the sensational release of “Sunroom 83” ’, the enigmatic Raimie has done just that, announcing himself as not only an aspiring individual, but also an accomplished wordsmith and an exhilarating emcee.

Remaining true to himself and foundations; not only as a musician but as a person, Raimie’s core is at the very heart and soul of his new EP release “Sunroom 83,” which you can dive into now. 

“Sunroom 83” capitalizes on the infectious formula of angular producer work, interesting beats, and figurative lyricism. Opening with the prominent song “Who Told You,” you already know that you’re in for a wild ride.  The song immediately sets the tone for what’s to follow; mellifluent harmonies entangling with the slick, intricate grooves, all while creating an ideal masterpiece.  I don’t feel Raimie could have kickstarted the EP in a better fashion.

Immediately setting the rapper aside from his peers, and along with the frequent vocal shifts and impressive beat switch-ups, the listener is kept on their toes throughout. “Sunroom 83” offers a great example of this diversification. Raimie showcases the best of this cadence, as the artist trades punches with the flagrant beat, finding inconceivable pockets to flow through, all while delivering complex, sonically pleasing rhyme schemes.  His sense of introspection on the release also brings another interesting element to the table; one that you cannot ignore.

Having moved to Los Angeles two months before the COVID-19 lockdown, Raimie’s newest songs celebrate the spirit of survival in a wicked season. For the collection’s title, he reflects back on his beginnings as a music creator, working on his art while attending Rutgers University, toiling away in hours long stretches of intense grind in the namesake “Sunroom 83” in the dead of winter. 

As well as flaunting his neat flows, diverse vocab, and crisp delivery, “Sunroom 83” reveals the workings of an artist with abounding creativity, as his musical knowledge provides an intoxicatingly unique experience. His versatility shows all the makings of a TRUE artist. Raimie shows the risks he’s willing to take in order to succeed in the ever-competitive rap game. A Must Hear.

Favorite Tracks: “Who Told You” “Skyscrappers” “For My People”


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