Melina Coolen Debuts Glorious New Release

Melina Coolen is a Canadian musician, songwriter and audio engineer. Retropop influence is undeniable in her carefully self-produced sound and sophisticated songwriting style. She fuses that trademark sound with folk, jazz and progressive rock colourings in her sophomore EP, Windows

“I Believe in You and Me” featuring Sarah Frank (The Bombadils) was written in self-comfort, to persevere and move forward through the tough days. “You can hear the battle scars, but you can also hear the strength to carry on in faith,” Melina encourages.

Stream and share “I Believe in You and Me” (feat. Sarah Frank) on SoundCloud.
Also available is a lyric video.

The tracklist crescendos from a sad to happy tone signifying a sense of hope. “If you’re singing a sad song right now, you’re not doomed to it. It’s possible to sing a happy song and believe in ‘Fairytales Again’!”


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