Roni Bar Hadas Reveals “Is It Love”

Tel Aviv’s Roni Bar Hadas is following up her previous single, “Fear” with “Is It Love,” moving from explorations of self-love towards the bravery of being vulnerable within a relationship.

“I wrote this song about a guy I loved who was afraid to let me into his heart, after years of thinking that no one could ever contain his pain and demons,” explains Roni.

A softly melodic pop song that glides along, accented by gentle guitar and synths, “Is It Love” describes the confusion that Roni felt in this relationship. 

“I tried so hard to break my barriers and to be open-hearted so I would be able to love and be loved. When I finally had the courage to break my defensive walls, he wasn’t ready to break his,” she explains.

Check out Roni’s live performance of “Is It Love” via YouTube:


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