My Name is Jimmy Lloyd and I Have a TV Show!

We’ve been discovering some great little gems at Modern Mystery lately, and we wanted to share one of our favorites with you. “The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase,” which is starting to pick up momentum on TVS around the country, airs interviews and live performances on indie greats such as Jeffrey Lewis, Hank and the Cupcakes, and tons of others.

Since its premiere on NBC’s digital channel NY NonStop in January 2010, “The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase” has rapidly achieved widespread success. Now available in the 9 biggest US TV markets, the show’s rapid ascendancy clearly demonstrates not only the quality of the programming, production and concept but also the confidence and excitement host and curator Jimmy Lloyd has inspired in NBC. “The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase” is featured on NBC’s digital channels in NYC, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas and Miami.

The series is the creation of Lloyd and co-executive producer Ashish Naik and resembles “Inside the Actor’s Studio” for up-and-coming songwriters. The program’s mission is to identify the best undiscovered songwriting talent and bring it directly to a mass audience complete with high quality live performances, artist interviews and an existential monologue about songwriting done by Lloyd himself in each episode. The show, which originally began in NYC was introduced by NBC into 3 additional markets late last year and has recently started airing in 5 additional markets, is curated solely by Lloyd, a NYC-based singer-songwriter who is plugged directly into the local music scene. Guests for the program are selected organically through word of mouth, personal referrals, or via the email submissions he invites viewers to submit at the end of each episode.

Audiences and musical guests alike have been incredibly receptive to Jimmy’s straightforward charisma and charm. Brooklyn-based band and musical guests Hank and Cupcakes even went so far as to write a song about Jimmy after their very first encounter with him, titled “My Name is Jimmy (and I Have a TV Show)”, which gives a good idea of just how much excitement and passion Jimmy brings to the table with every interaction.

“Jimmy Lloyd totally ‘gets’ the truth about music – that it is the one thing which truly unites everyone around the world,” says E! True Hollywood Story producer Michael Lynn. “Thanks to his dedication and passion, promising singer-songwriters are able to receive the attention they deserve without having to compromise their artistic integrity.”

The show has continued to evolve throughout its run, first being filmed at New York’s Gibson Guitar Showroom and recently expanding to include shooting at live venue settings in New York and Los Angeles with both up-and-coming and more established names. Recent guests have included Ari Hest and Jonatha Brooke. In addition to continuing to grow into new markets, there are near term plans to combine the TV series with Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase-sponsored live concert events which will begin this Fall along with the inclusion of a new Title Sponsor that the producers are currently in discussions with.

Lloyd is also pitching a reality show that is getting some traction about songwriters in NYC called “The Scene…L.E.S. (a trailer for which can be seen online at:

To watch “The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase”, check your local listings for broadcast times or catch episodes online at:

Current Air Times by Market:
New York City: Mondays at 4:00 am and 9:30 pm
Washington, D.C.: Saturdays at 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm
Philadelphia: Saturdays at 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm
Chicago: Saturdays at 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm
Los Angeles: Saturdays at 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm
San Francisco: Saturdays at 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm
San Diego: Saturdays at 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm
Dallas/Ft. Worth: Saturdays at 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm
Miami: Saturdays at 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm

Check local listings for channel information.

Warm Ghost Releases Video For Claws Overhead

As readers of this site are probably aware, Paul Duncan is currently recording under the moniker of Warm Ghost. Initially conceived as side project that would allow him to experiment with electronics, synthesizers, drum machines and processed field recordings, Warm Ghost has grown into a full-fledged collaboration with Oliver Chapoy.

With their debut LP slated for release this fall, the duo have released a new music video for their song “Claws Overhead.” Check the video out down below and visit the band’s website for more info on upcoming tour dates.


Tom Vek – Leisure Seizure

So yes, Tom Vek has been MIA for five years, bla bla bla… We can skip the story of his long, mysterious absence from the airwaves to get to what’s important: he’s back and still kicking butt.

His newest album, Leisure Seizure, which is already available digitally but will only get a physical release on September 13th, kept the essence of what made his first album special but polished it, making his sound more coherent. We’re far from the lo-fi vibe of We Have Sound, but that doesn’t mean Vek’s taken away what was gritty and interesting about his music; the better quality of the production actually makes all the subtleties of his arrangements shine through more distinctly.

We Have Sound played a lot with dissonance and Leisure Seizure is no different. From the electronic loops he integrates in his songs to flat tone of voice when he sings, he manages to find the right balance to make all his seemingly cacophonous elements fit together in a pleasing manner. “World of Doubt,” with its pounding drum, clashing guitar riffs and almost spoken lyrics is a perfect example of that skill.

“We Do Nothing” is like a condensed mix of all the good things from his first LP. There’s a little bit of “C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)” in it, some “Nothing But Green Lights” mixed in as well, which is a nice indicator that Vek’s taken all the years since We Have Sound listening back to the songs to synthesize the best things from his first album and build on them.

What he’s gotten really good at is creating a really hypnotizing ambient mood in his songs, no matter how slow or upbeat they are. You hear it as much in the single “A Chore” or the electronic “Close Mic’ed,” which both succeed in how repetition is used to move the song forward rather than become boring and redundant; it’s quite a feat.

All in all, Leisure Seizure is bigger and bolder than We Have Sound was. It’s more mature but it’s also more danceable. Tom Vek is definitely forgiven for having made everyone wait so long for this sophomore release.

CONTEST: Win Two Tickets to The Duke & The King This Saturday @ City Winery!

The weekend is quickly approaching and are you looking for something to do? Of course you are. Don’t pretend you have plans. We don’t believe you.


To Enter just send an e-mail with “The Duke & The King,” in the Subject Line stating your name and phone number. Winners will be chosen by tomorrow at NOON so act fast!


The Duke & The King was formed by Simone Felice of the Felice Brothers and Bobbie “Bird” Burke. With the good Felice name on it, you know it’s a winner.

Their new album entitled Long Live The Duke & The King, the album captures the band’s essence, a ramshackle travelling circus in which different voices tell different stories. Felice and Burke remain the central architects, but it’s a more collaborative project than its predecessor. Haskins’ gospel-tinged lead vocal on ‘Hudson River’ recalls the greats of classic R&B, while ‘No Easy Way Out’ combines Stone’s vintage soulful tones with a pop-orientated country rock sound that matches Felice’s light-hearted description of the band’s new sound as “Fleetwood Black.” Elsewhere, the band’s collective voices often flourish in the ether before dramatically taking centre-stage, notably on ‘Shine On You’, while ‘Shaky’ represents the most compelling example of the band’s progression from their debut album.