Robbers on High Street @ The Bell House, Brooklyn, October 22, 2009

Robbers on High Street @ Bell House, CMJ 2009 by ModernMystery.Robbers on High Street seem to be one of the most overlooked indie bands around, but the truth is they put on one ofthe greatest shows you will ever experience. The band only played one show of the CMJ marathon this year and they certainly made the most of it. Displaying new songs from the album they are currently heading back into the studio to record, this was truly a treat for the packed room of Robbers fans at the Bell House Thursday night.

If there was one way to describe the band, it would be a more soulful version of Spoon, though when it comes to song writing Spoon has nothing on them. Singer/guitarist Ben Trokan sings his heart out no matter what the song calls for. The most standout new track from the band is a tune called “Watch it Disappear,” which is filled with melodic vocals, haunting yet beautiful keyboard parts mixed with upbeat strumming.  The glimpse of new songs during their CMJ showcase has fans excited to hear the studio versions.  On a personal note, this was one of my favorite sets at the marathon this year, highly recommended!

Robbers on High Street @ Bell House, CMJ 2009 by ModernMystery.


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