Chris Chu of The Morning Benders @ CMJ, Living Room, NY- October 22,2009

Chris Chu of the Morning Benders @ CMJ 2009 by ModernMystery.

Chris Chu is not only the charasmatic lead singer of California’s indie-pop group The Morning Benders, but he has also taken on the role lately of beginner solo artist. Chu performed to a packed house on Thursday night at the Living Room during CMJ. The Morning Benders who are set to release their sophmore album Big Echo (Plus One Music) early next year, sent him out to showcase the new tracks. Chu, who already has an unforgettable voice, shown a new light to the upcoming songs.

The Morning Benders have managed to make an easy transition from the first album Talking Through Tin Cans, maintaining their sugary pop hooks; the songs come off well acoustically which only left everyone in the room hankering for the real thing. Amongst the new songs, Chu pulled off superb covers of Radiohead,  Phil Spektor and Neutral Milk Hotel cover. With the help of a local teen choir on background vocals and an enthusiastic crowd, he ended the night with a new tune.  Clearly, we’re all ready for the album to drop.

Watch live video from Chris Chu’s CMJ Performance!


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