The Spinto Band *The Mercury Lounge, NYC* 7-17-2009

It was truly a treat this weekend to attend the New York City show of the Spinto Band who was doing a 4 date mini tour, also know to their fans as ‘The Freakend’. Along for the ride were The Swims, And The Moneynotes, and Big Bang TV. A killer lineup.

I’ve been to a few Spinto shows in my day and the level of energy onstage is always incredible, but on Friday at the Mercury Lounge, the band brought it up to a whole new level. We’re talking astonishing. This had to be the best show I have attended in the past five years, or quite frankily, possibly ever. The room was packed with people ready to dance and it was at least 85 degrees in there. So warm the band was sweating before they got onto the stage.

The Spintos ripped through about 16 songs and somehow brought the energy up with every song. They even invited three fans onstage to dance to ‘Oh Mandy’ which was by far one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Nick Krill and Tom Hughes always deliver on the vocals and the combination of the two fit perfectly back and fourth on stage. The rest of the Spintos, Jon Eaton, Joey Hobson, Jeff Hobson and Sam Hughes hold it all down, never missing a note. From the sounds of ‘Later On’  to ‘Direct to Helmet’ this was surely a night to remember. Hopefully there will be another Freakend in the near future.

The Setlist:
Cat’s Pajamas (listed as ‘Cat’s Shams’)
Brown Boxes
Summer Grof
Vivian, Don’t
They All Laughed
Later On
Direct to Helmet
The Black Flag (listed as ‘Blag Flak’)
Japan is an Island
Oh Mandy
Pumpkins and Paisley
Encore Included:
Needlepoint and don’t quote me on this, but I believe Crack the Whip. They were not written on the setlist as the band discussed the encore songs on the side of the stage.






Secondhand Sunday: The Fever ‘Grey Ghost’

This morning I was thinking about how much I used to love the band, The Fever. The Kemado signed indie band broke out around the time of The Strokes, The Rapture, Elefant and all of those good things, but sadly disbanded in 2006 after a few albums and EPs under their belt.

Known for making music that would get your ass out of the seat dancing, it makes you wonder what the band would be creating if it was still around today. ‘Grey Ghost’ from 2004’s ‘Red Bedroom’ nearly makes me have flashbacks. I recall getting it after intern orientation at college when I was working at a major music company. Afterwards I headed to the nearby record store in the city to pick up The Fever’s record and it stayed with me constantly in my college years. Damn  that is still such a good record.

Enjoy your Secondhand Sunday and watch The Fever ‘Grey Ghost’

Like or Like Like Fridays: Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band

Yes I know it is a Saturday, but lets pretend it is a Friday for now! This is a new column for the blog featuring the very talented Danielle Quebrado! It will give you the scoop on all the up and coming indie bands, and also the ones that have been around for a bit but you’ve been missing out on. Enjoy!

The gang of five, originating from Seattle, has come a long way from the rambunctious days of messing around with their instruments and blindly experimenting in attempts to discover their own sound. Rocky in some rounds, yes, but they are regally maturing with their Thin Lizzy similarities and while simultaneously retaining their uniqueness. The group produces alarming music. Upon listening, be prepared to sharpen up your reflexes as the striking and sudden tempos push you along their songs in a whip-like motion. The beats are impulsive and the rhythm is playful. Indeed, the songs are catchy and their performances are equally appealing. I caught up with these guys and gal on their last tour with Bishop Allen and The Miniature Tigers and they surprised the entire crowd. Like a typical band they have the usual the instruments such as guitar, drums, etc. Unlike an ordinary band, the group uses Jumbo Jingle Sticks which are used to emphasize the alarming beats. Keyboardist Traci Verdoes controls the two large sticks by violently thrusting them against the floor on every down beat, demanding your attention with the shock of each collision. A sight to see, the quintet aims to please the visual senses by covering themselves from head to toe in matching frocks defined by gold lining and floral designs. Like their sound, their history is one of a kind. You could say they are like “The Partridge Family” but with a twist. Singer/guitarist Benjamin Verdoes is happily married to Traci Verdoes, keyboardist and multi-percussion guru. Here’s the twist: the blond-haired couple have since come to adopt the drummer, 14 year-old Marshall Verdoes as their legal son, who previously was Benjamin’s adopted brother. The decision to start the group came after Benjamin promised young Marshall that they would start one, only if the youngster became competent in his drumming. Soon, Marshall became skilled and the band was born. In addition to this familial core are fellow friends: Matthew Dammer on guitar and Jared Price on bass. I thrive on bands such as this; who are musically capable and produce waves of energy on stage. Give them a try, Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band is sure to tickle of your eager senses and leave you plenty satisfied.

Check out their MySpace for their music and current tour dates.

Recommended singles: “Cheer for Fate” “En Fuego” “Going On A Hunt”

Watch the video for ‘Going on a Hunt’


Just recieved a message from Mr. Phil Dickey of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin himself alerting us that there is a new video for ‘Glue Girls’!. The video is packed with action (you’ll see what I mean) and adds to the catalog of great and amusing SSLYBY videos.  The video is actually ‘unoffical’ as it was made by two friends of the band, Brooke and Matt for a local video competition. Kudos to them though! This is definatly their most theatric video to date. Check it out! You saw it here first!

New Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin ‘Cardinal Rules’

There has been a talk for quite some time in the Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin camp about a studio version of ‘Cardinal Rules,’ a song the band had written about their hometown minor league baseball team, The Springfield  Cardinals. The band have been playing the ever poppy tune at recent shows and it instantly became a favorite amongst fans. Will the tune be on the new record? No word on that yet, but there is word of SSLYBY working on their third record as we speak. The plans after that are to go back on tour, and we just can’t wait!

Download Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin ‘Cardinal Rules’ HERE

Quiet Company “Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon”

 Meet another one of our talented new writers, Krista De La Rosa!

Never before have I ever listened to a 15-album track and felt a rush of emotion within each track.  From the classic chills running through the body to the unconscious clapping of the hands to the beat, Quiet Company has accomplished one of the most beautiful, harmonic sounds that have ever graced Texas.  Quiet Company lives to their title and has various “company” singing throughout their entire album.  From friends to the leader singer’s wife, their melodic voices make this album a refreshing indie sensation.  Their sound is much like The New Frontiers meeting Ben Gibbard at the local cafe, but what is so special about QC is how they have their own unique sound that will swoon all listeners within their first track.  You can hear the passion QC has to offer within each track and that is the most beautiful part about listening and writing about their music.  Instruments ranging from the organ to the glockenspiel to the harmonica, QC embedded every instrument every so smoothly into this album.  The one thing I loved most about this album was the title of each track.  Track #2, “It’s Better to Spend Money Like There’s No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There’s No Money,” is the one-track title I love the most.  Such a long title with a catchy meaning gets even better:  The actual song, itself, is as great as the combination of the two.  This Austin, Texas band is one to remember, for they only have a great career ahead of themselves with such a talented and passionate sound. 

I am not one to graciously give an album review 100%, but this album really got the best of me the second I pushed play on my iTunes.  This album is going down as one of my most favorable albums.  Do your ears a favor and buy ‘Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon’ album on their personal web page . You will not regret it, I promise.  I rarely ever make promises, so trust me on this. 

Also, if you are in the neighborhoods of Texas, be sure to catch Quiet Company live at the following places:

 07/31- Austin, TX @ Antones
08/14- San Antonio, TX
09/04- Dallas, TX @ City Tavern
09/11- San Marcos, TX @ Bar 141