Secondhand Sunday: The Fever ‘Grey Ghost’

This morning I was thinking about how much I used to love the band, The Fever. The Kemado signed indie band broke out around the time of The Strokes, The Rapture, Elefant and all of those good things, but sadly disbanded in 2006 after a few albums and EPs under their belt.

Known for making music that would get your ass out of the seat dancing, it makes you wonder what the band would be creating if it was still around today. ‘Grey Ghost’ from 2004’s ‘Red Bedroom’ nearly makes me have flashbacks. I recall getting it after intern orientation at college when I was working at a major music company. Afterwards I headed to the nearby record store in the city to pick up The Fever’s record and it stayed with me constantly in my college years. Damn  that is still such a good record.

Enjoy your Secondhand Sunday and watch The Fever ‘Grey Ghost’