Laying It Down With The Honors

A combination of Jim Beam and a desire to change the world produces indie rock band The Honors. The Boston four-piece creates intricate yet accessible rock songs thickly layered with gritty, compelling instrumentation, sophisticated guitar licks, and raspy sincerity. Lead singer Brandon’s passionate vocals are particularly distinguished in “Passing on Blue”; the captivating melody provides the ideal vehicle for an unrestrained, heartfelt lyrical delivery that is one of The Honors’ trademark musical elements. 

Jason and Brandon of the band answered questions via email at a coffee shop on tour in Niagara Falls, NY.

Liv: What inspired you to make music together? How did you all meet?

Brandon: Someone once told us that people form bands to either change the world or get laid. I suppose you could say that we are inspired by a good mix of both.

Jason: Brandon and I met while studying English at Regents College in London, England. What began as late night, post-club jam sessions grew into a lasting musical relationship. We reunited several years later in Boston and decided to form The Honors sometime in the winter of 2008. Jason was playing in a successful New England area hip-hop band called The Press Project, and after performing their final show at the 2008 Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival, Jason recruited the hip-hop band’s bassist, Roland, to join the new band. Andrew came to Boston to study jazz at the Berklee College of Music, and knew of Brandon through mutual friends, as both Brandon and Andrew hail from the Ohio Valley.  

Liv: What inspires your music on a non-musical level? Like, a book or piece of artwork…

Jason: ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ by Jules Verne. Anything involving the ocean, really.  

Liv: What was your very first show like?

Brandon: We had so much fun we can’t really remember.  


Liv: What has been your biggest conflict to over come as a band or as individual musicians?

Brandon: Who gets to sit shotgun on tour.  

Liv: How has the relationship within the band changed over time?

Brandon: We used to shake hands. Now we give hugs.  

Liv: What does the near future hold for The Honors? Ten years from now?

Jason: Lots and lots of touring, meeting new people (preferably lovely ladies), empty bottles of whiskey, shoe polish, Walmart parking lots, Mark Jacobs, releasing a debut album, legendary fame in Japan.

Brandon: Ten years from now doing all the same things but in a world we helped to change.

 Liv: What’s your pre show/post show routine? Describe your rock show experience…

Jason: Preshow-

750ml of Jim Beam

5 cigarettes

1 to 3 windsor knots

Engaging as many lovely ladies as possible. Spice to taste.  

Brandon: Postshow- 30 Pack of Miller High Life, so every lady gets a drink at the afterparty.  

Jason: If you’re a female, like to dance, party, have fun, and forget the day to day bull shit that inundates all our lives, then this is the show for you. If you’re a male, and like to look at females dancing, partying, having fun, and forgetting the day to day bull shit that inundates all our lives, then this is the show for you. Party on!  

Liv: What’s your favorite/least favorite things about being on tour and/or being in the studio?

 Jason: Favorite studio experience: the initial play back of a new song.

Brandon: Least favorite: waiting around for the engineers to set everything set up.  

Liv: What song do you wish you had written?

‘Love Game’ by Lady Gaga.  

Liv: What are your favorite swear words?

Jason: The Jonas Brothers. PressShot

Check out the band’s myspace here!