Levi’s Website Offering Limited-Time Free Download of The Duke Spirit’s New Song “Procession”

Rocker chics are awesome. They last and last and last, getting better and sexier through the ages, becoming increasingly harder to toss out, kind of like your favorite pair of Levis.  Though they’re not new to the fashion world at all, it’s still pretty button-fly-fitting that The Duke Spirit, fronted by the throaty vocal styling’s of Liela Moss, are offering a free download of their track “Procession” on Levi’s Web site. Liela inspired designers Philip Lim and the late Alexander McQueen and now the quintessential denim brand is cozying up to The Duke Spirit with a limited-time offering of this free track.

“Procession” comes off of The Duke Spirit’s, Bruiser, sounding somewhat like Patti Smith meets The Dead Weather-covering-Pavement, in a heady, heavy and addictively comfy perfect track for winter playlisting. Now if The Duke Spirit would only offer a free pair of Levi’s when you buy their new album…

Download “Procession” HERE
Download “Everybody’s Under Your Spell” HERE

Jack White: Vinyl Inventor

Jack White may as well as add inventor to his growing list of accomplishments. The Dead Weather/White Stripes/Raconteurs frontman has invented what he’s christened “the Triple Decker Record.” And the maiden voyage for this vinyl venture? The Dead Weather’s upcoming single “Blue Blood Blues.”

The band will be releasing the single in the new vinyl, but also in 7” and 12” formats with appropriate besides. Not sure how this contraption will work? Check out Mr. White himself explaining his new invention below.

“Blue Blood Blues” is available now.