Robbers on High Street @ The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY- March 6, 2010

Like fine wine, indie band Robbers on High Street have aged perfectly. The band played a special one night only show at The Bell House in Brooklyn this past weekend to a crowded venue all on the edge of their seats to hear the new songs. Talking to our friend, and Robbers singer/guitarist Ben Trokan at the bar before the show, the band’s third record has just been finished and it’s ready to be released. This means not only were old favorites played, but so was a ton of new songs.

While the group pulled out some of their most notable tunes like “Fatalist,” and “Crown Victoria,” the audience was even more excited to hear the new tracks that the band have cooked up. It has been, after all a mere two and a half years since we last got a record from these boys. The new songs show the band in an even more mature light, and it suits them well. It’s almost as they’ve finally found the perfect mix within the band. Amongst the highlights of the night, as well as newcomers, were “Electric Eye,” “Face In the Fire,” and one of the band’s favorite newly penned songs they’ve been playing since last summer, “Watch it Disappear.” I would have no doubt that it would be the first single from the new record. Keyboardist Dave Sherman’s piano is haunting, as Trokan’s voice stands out more than it ever has.

The audience didn’t stop all night. Cheering the band on. You couldn’t help but smile for the support of one of the greatest bands to ever come out of Brooklyn. The band ended the night with a cover, that I cannot recall the name of (Forgive me I was having so much fun!), and brought a fan up onstage to play the cowbell. He rocked out accordingly, but once he got off the beat, guitarist Steven Mercado took the bell, laughed and showed him how it was done. If all bands could put on a show like Robbers on High Street, hell, they’re would be a ton of great shows out there.

Robbers on High Street are set to release their third, yet untitled album, some time this year.

Robbers on High Street @ Modern Mystery’s Playtime!

Robbers on High Street by you.

Ah, CMJ week. We kind of miss it and the great bands we had the pleasure to work with. One of our favorites of the week was Robbers on High Street. Not only did they put on my personal favorite show at CMJ, but somehow we roped Ben Trokan and Dave Sherman into performing for us in an alley/bus washing station in Park Slope, Brooklyn that night. Robbers played two new songs for us including “Watch Me Disappear” which will sure to be placed on the next record. Everytime I watch this video I’m amazed by the fact that Dave did not pass out from blowing into that keyboard.  Enjoy watching one of the greatest indie bands of the past 10 years getting creative on the street.

“Watch Me Disappear”

Another New Robbers on High Street Song!

Secondhand Sunday: Robbers on High Street “Crown Victoria”

CMJ is in town this week and we can’t be more excited. 1,200 bands, 100s of venues, total overload. Sorry we were sort of sparse in content last week. We’ve been setting up some awesome (yes awesome!) interviews and performances with some amazing bands. Be sure to check back for updates! Today’s Secondhand Sunday comes from a band we’re excited about seeing at CMJ, Robbers on High Street. One of the greatest bands that the city has to offer. Off of Grand Animals we bring you “Crown Victoria.” An artsy little video that is pretty awesome if you ask us! Robbers will be playing this Thursday at 8pm at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Nice!

Robbers on High Street *Mercury Lounge, NYC* July 10, 2009

Friday night team Modern Mystery had the chance of catching indie darlings Robbers on High Street at the Mercury Lounge. The band who is currently finishing up their third record hit the stage for a New York only show that was certainly a surprise.

I heard someone comment at the show that Robbers on High Street is ‘one of the great indie bands of our generation. I couldn’t agree more. The bond within the band seems stronger than ever and the musical relationship of Ben Trokan and Stephen Mercado is flawless. They know how to play off each other and the rest of the band is in on the game.

Robbers play like old pros. They know how to work the stage and put on a stellar show. Even when the amplifier went out on Trokan, the band handled it perfectly and with such humor! Robbers on  High Street played a variety of songs ranging from old favorites such as ‘Spanish Teeth’,  as well as classics such as ‘Fatalist’. The band also mixed in great deal of new songs that have us excited for the new album to come out. It changes things up a slight bit but it completely remains to be the Robbers sound that we know and love. Stay tuned for the interview with the band we did to be posted this week. You won’t want to miss out!

Watch Our Robbers on High Street live from the Mercury Lounge Video HERE

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The Setlist

Crystal Run
Happy Horses
Electric Eye
Spanish Teeth
Across Your Knee
Crown Victoria
Face Fog
Watch it Disappear
Hudson Tubes
Married Young
*Also played was ‘Love Underground’, not on the setlist, as well as ‘Souls’ and ‘Achilles Last’ was listed.