Robbers on High Street @ Modern Mystery’s Playtime!

Robbers on High Street by you.

Ah, CMJ week. We kind of miss it and the great bands we had the pleasure to work with. One of our favorites of the week was Robbers on High Street. Not only did they put on my personal favorite show at CMJ, but somehow we roped Ben Trokan and Dave Sherman into performing for us in an alley/bus washing station in Park Slope, Brooklyn that night. Robbers played two new songs for us including “Watch Me Disappear” which will sure to be placed on the next record. Everytime I watch this video I’m amazed by the fact that Dave did not pass out from blowing into that keyboard.  Enjoy watching one of the greatest indie bands of the past 10 years getting creative on the street.

“Watch Me Disappear”

Another New Robbers on High Street Song!

Secondhand Sunday: Robbers on High Street “Crown Victoria”

CMJ is in town this week and we can’t be more excited. 1,200 bands, 100s of venues, total overload. Sorry we were sort of sparse in content last week. We’ve been setting up some awesome (yes awesome!) interviews and performances with some amazing bands. Be sure to check back for updates! Today’s Secondhand Sunday comes from a band we’re excited about seeing at CMJ, Robbers on High Street. One of the greatest bands that the city has to offer. Off of Grand Animals we bring you “Crown Victoria.” An artsy little video that is pretty awesome if you ask us! Robbers will be playing this Thursday at 8pm at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Nice!