Robbers on High Street @ The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY- March 6, 2010

Like fine wine, indie band Robbers on High Street have aged perfectly. The band played a special one night only show at The Bell House in Brooklyn this past weekend to a crowded venue all on the edge of their seats to hear the new songs. Talking to our friend, and Robbers singer/guitarist Ben Trokan at the bar before the show, the band’s third record has just been finished and it’s ready to be released. This means not only were old favorites played, but so was a ton of new songs.

While the group pulled out some of their most notable tunes like “Fatalist,” and “Crown Victoria,” the audience was even more excited to hear the new tracks that the band have cooked up. It has been, after all a mere two and a half years since we last got a record from these boys. The new songs show the band in an even more mature light, and it suits them well. It’s almost as they’ve finally found the perfect mix within the band. Amongst the highlights of the night, as well as newcomers, were “Electric Eye,” “Face In the Fire,” and one of the band’s favorite newly penned songs they’ve been playing since last summer, “Watch it Disappear.” I would have no doubt that it would be the first single from the new record. Keyboardist Dave Sherman’s piano is haunting, as Trokan’s voice stands out more than it ever has.

The audience didn’t stop all night. Cheering the band on. You couldn’t help but smile for the support of one of the greatest bands to ever come out of Brooklyn. The band ended the night with a cover, that I cannot recall the name of (Forgive me I was having so much fun!), and brought a fan up onstage to play the cowbell. He rocked out accordingly, but once he got off the beat, guitarist Steven Mercado took the bell, laughed and showed him how it was done. If all bands could put on a show like Robbers on High Street, hell, they’re would be a ton of great shows out there.

Robbers on High Street are set to release their third, yet untitled album, some time this year.

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