Video Voyager: Yutao’s Lofi Single “Sensation”

Yutao is the indie bedroom pop artist based in Los Angeles. His songs are emotive but elusive, with lyrics that explore frustration, lost love, identity, wanting to belong, and music that is delicately dense with lush ambience and airy melodies. His aesthetic evokes alternative electro-pop artist keishi, and the vibrant scene of young Asian musicians around the 88rising record label. 

His video for his latest single “Sensation,” is a hypnotic counterpart to the song. It’s somehow both still and ever-moving. He captures a sense of passion and whirling emotions, the sensations of a new relationship, but also shares the fast-paced nature of it. The camera never stops moving, almost like a visual time limit. Nothing lasts forever.

We spoke with Yutao about the music video for “Sensation”:

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?

The story of this song is about capturing the sensation of those “fireworks” like emotion & relationship. As if two people know nothing will last, the moment is too beautiful to pass. 

What was the inspiration behind this video? 

The inspiration summarizes my past relationship experience; just when you were still in the moment of the “firework,” the show ended without you even realizing it. 

What was the process of making this video?

We found a location in LA where the owner renovated the whole house into a trippy greenhouse. After discussing the direction, we decided to take the approach to a more dreamy and psychedelic type of experience to recreate the short-lasting sensation.

Watch here:

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Exclusive Premiere: &seb’s Debuts his Deep and Personal New Single, “I’m Okay”

Rising lo-fi and bedroom pop artist, &seb, shares his newest single, “I’m Okay.” From age 11, &seb has been singing, playing piano, and calling himself a musician. Later on, he taught himself guitar and started tapping his computer keys (seemingly randomly at first) to make electronic music. After graduating from NYU, he decided to take his music to the public and released his first single, “New Blood.” With immediate gratification from digital numbers going up, he decided to pursue this creative, yet unknown, line of work further, hoping to bring the same good vibes to his listeners that his favorite artists brought to him.

“I’m Okay” was written about a dark time in &seb’s life, when his trust was betrayed. Though the song is mostly electronic, the melody is a catchy base and his deep and low vocals creates the depth of the song. The music itself is similar to that of Billie Eilish with a touch of Timbland and a hint of 80’s pop. You can hear his personal connection to the song; it’s about how he once repeated ‘I’m Okay’ to try and convince himself he was. 

“‘I’m Okay’ stems from a breach of trust,” shares &seb. “I was pushed out of a project I was very passionate about, one that I pitched and started years ago. Once the ball got rolling, I was taken off the team without my knowing. It was pretty upsetting, so I ranted to one of my closest friends about the whole situation and about the specific person who pushed me out. Little did I know, that same person was listening in on my phone call. I had no idea and said some not-so-great things out of anger. They told everyone else, and almost ruined my relationship with some good friends.”

You can listen to “I’m Okay” here:

“I’m Okay” is bound to be a hit. This lo-fi and bedroom pop beat is rife with personal meaning for not only &seb, but will definitely resonate with others. We have all been in a similar situation and this relatable song gives us all a sense of relief, that we are not alone. “I’m Okay” is out now. Be sure to give it a listen.

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Fauxbois Offer Up Free Holiday Song

Boise’s Fauxbois have a Christmas treat for you. On the heels of their album Carry On, these lo-fi indie kids have an original Christmas song to depress your holiday spirit. But hey, it’s free! (Click here)

The band is also hammering out a national tour, but have released a few Pacific Northwest dates, along with an appearance at SxSW. They are touring in support of Carry On, out now on Seattle based Spark & Shine Records. “Soft acoustic guitar riffs and a chorus of voices wrap their arms around melancholy lyrics anchored by Mayer’s sweet and bittersweet vocals,” Boise Weekly.

  Fauxbois – Will You be Mine by nmcollins

1/6/11 – Sunset Tavern – Seattle, WA
1/7/11 – The Woods – Portland, OR
1/21/11 – Luckey’s – Eugene, OR
1/22/11 – Empyrean – Spokane, WA