Scanners Set To Tour The UK

London band Scanners will be releasing their second album Submarine on March 21st and to appease their ever growing fan base, they will be hitting the road in the UK. 

The band has already been capturing quite a bit of attention with songs featured on shows like Gossip Girl, Entourage and Beverly Hills 90210.  They have also caught the attention of some fellow bands and have shared with stage with the likes of Florence and The Machine, Air, The Wedding Present and Devo.  Mega stations Radio One and XFM have shown their love for the band as well. 

Submarine is a reflection of the band’s evolving sound that has matured over the years.  With haunting vocals and rich layers of upbeat rhythms, their latest endeavor is a quick reminder as to why Scanners has made such an impact for fans in the USA and UK.  And it seems there is no slowing down as they are already close to completion of their next album due out sometime next year.  In the meantime, be sure to catch this amazing act on their current jaunt and keep an eye out for them as they continue to make their mark in the music world.

Tour Dates:
16th March – Louisiana, Bristol
23rd March – The Flapper, Birmingham
24th March – The Duchess, York
28th March – Kasbah, Coventry
29th March – Captain’s Rest, Glasgow
30th March – Ruby Lounge, Manchester
31st March – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
2nd April – Bodega Social, Nottingham

Patrick Park – “Come What Will”

I remember discovering singer/songwriter Patrick Park in 2003 when I worked at a local record store and seemingly became obsessed with his record Loneliness Knows My Name (Hollywood). Somehow my singer/songwriter phase left me, but Park amongst a select few, was one to always stick out in my head. I didn’t want to leave him behind.

Fast forward to 2010, and Park has a new album out titled Come What Will (Badman). Leaving his Hollywood label, he reunited with Badman Records for this release who put out his first EPS.

Only a few seconds into the first song, “You’ll Get Over,” it is obvious that he has grown as a songwriter. Overall there is the feel of a little Ryan Adams twang, to the whole record, musically speaking. This is by no means a copy cat situation, and if anything, it just sends chills down your spine.

One thing that has always intrigued me about Patrick Park is the fact that he can turn the simplest of songs and make them complex. Take his voice on “The Lucky Ones,” as it manages to overshadow everything. It’s not that his voice is strong, but more along the lines of honest. The accompanying slide guitar sound adds to the flavor of the already delicious track and most importantly, it does not overpower the vocals.

Not everything is dark on the album as expected. Tracks like “You’re Enough,” provides you with a little country beat to tap your foot to. Songs like “Starry Night,” and “Time Won’t Wait,” sound like they could be used in a TV show like Gossip Girl, which, quite frankily isn’t a bad thing.

The title song “Come What Will,” is haunting with lyrics like “The silence doesn’t seem so broken when there’s nothing left to love.” The ongoing theme of the record seems to be underlying sadness, and it works for Park. With “Silence and Storm,” he seems to perk up a little bit, but not for long. The strings come out of this one and melt perfectly no matter how subtle they are at times. It shows a different side of Park that only makes one appearance on the record.

What Park has made is not a diverse record by any means. Come What Will tells a story that flows perfectly from one song to the other. If any of the tracks were to deviate even slightly, it would not work as an album. Somehow Patrick Park manages to keep it interesting, and I find the thing I look for the most in each song is his beautiful, harmonious voice that leads the record into perfection. Yes, his guitar playing is amazing as well, but the thing that sticks out with every listen is his glorious voice. It’s a rare find.