The Octopus Project @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY – 10/8/2010

Photo by Adam Weinberg

It’s a shame the Octopus Project isn’t a bigger band. I think a huge reason is in the need to see them live. Every member can play every instrument, and with extreme enthusiasm. All except for the theremin, which I’m told is measurably difficult to play live, and Yvonne Lambert plays it with such angelic grace. I saw the band this past Friday (October 8th), and it was really quite an event. The theremin heavy show was probably one of the best, almost vocal-less, shows I’ve seen. Glow sticks exploded from the audience!
The band played some songs from their back catalog, as well as well as songs from their forthcoming album, Hexadecagon, due to be released October 26.

I predict these guys will see an increase in fan flow like their friends, and one-time album collaborators, Black Moth Super Rainbow (Although I haven’t heard a Octopus Project song in a commercial yet!).

Songs they played that I can find/ remember:

The Adjustor
Music Is Happiness
I saw the Bright Shinnies
Tuxedo Hat (Almost like 95% sure)

If you were there, and can remember any of the other song played, please list!

Photo by Adam Weinberg

Twin Shadow @ Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY – 9/11/2010

Photo by Adam Weinberg

For a band I just barely heard about, Twin Shadow seems to be doing
pretty good for themselves. They have an album coming out on 4AD, a sexy porn video, and what seemed to be a packed house at Glasslands.
Like most people, the first song I’d heard by Twin Shadow was ‘Slow’.
I thought the song was pretty fantastic, and reminiscent of a great
80’s song. When I skimmed the rest of the album, though, I didn’t find
anything that really clicked with me. All that being said, on
September 11th I saw them at the previously mentioned venue, and they put on quite a show.

Actually my friend/ Photographer Adam Weinberg and I agreed that the
least enjoyable song the played live was ‘Slow’, and I think that’s
just because they played it really loud and we were too close to the

My favorite performance of the night, and by everyone’s dancing I think theaudience agreed, was ‘At My Heels’. Wow this song certainly packed a punch. I think the only reason I missed this song on the album was because one of the first few lyrics in the song is “belly”, and that just didn’t sit right with me. Otherwise, all around, I think these guys are worth a viewing, and if you get the chance you won’t be dissapointed.

Songs to listen to: ‘Slow’ and ‘At My Heels’

Side note: Lots of ‘interesting’ bands opened for Twin Shadow. My Gold
Mask was probably my favorite for their energy. You can search the
rest by googling Twin Shadow at Glasslands.