OurGlassZoo Delivers Epic New Video for “Here”

The new song from OurGlassZoo was inspired by the singer’s (Josias Tschanz) experience working on the Eastside of Vancouver through a volunteer organization. It deals with the misconception of homelessness in the city through the eyes of a close friend that was lost.

Vancouver is a place of two minds: on one hand, it is wealthy, shining and beautiful – constantly growing. On the other hand poverty, addiction and hardship abound.

The poignant emotional sounds of horns mixed with the presence of guitar layers add to the melancholic/poetic concept of the song. The band wanted to create an anthem for anyone who might be adrift. ‘Here’ is the voice that reminds you that you are not alone and that there is someone that will listen and reach out their hand when you need it the most.


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