Steven Doman Shares “Follow The Ripples” From ‘Our Lady Of The High Appalachian Mountains’ EP

Hailing from the coastal strawberry fields of Camarillo, California at the edge of Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Mountains, Steven Doman is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and audio engineer with an affinity for nature.

His new EP, Our Lady Of The High Appalachian Mountains, drew inspiration from the process of moving from California to Québec in 2016 and the moods that followed.

Focus track, “Follow The Ripples,” is a gentle piano-led pop song, written for the film En Eclaireuses by Constance Chaput-Raby, a documentary about a group of girl scouts adventuring in the forest of Estrie, Québec.

“Tulip’s head above the breeze, pendulum in the wind.” Psychedelic and warm, “Follow The Ripples” features lyrical contributions from Doman’s partner, multi-disciplinary artist Grace Singh.


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