Theo Tams is “Tongue Tied” on New Single

Theo Tams has a relaxed and soulful new single to share entitled, “Tongue Tied,” one which he considers to be “a bit of a queer anthem”. 

Written after Tams and his partner announced their engagement to their families, who weren’t exactly supportive. A light and airy, R&B inflected pop track, “Tongue Tied” captures the feeling that ‘at the end of the day, I know you’re mine and I’m yours.’ 

Lyrically, “Tongue Tied” nods to Tams’ Christian upbringing (“All our sins, no hypocrite,”) and the ways in which some Christians have reduced the gay community to “just sex, rather than the actual love, comraderie, friendship, art, and spirit that exists within so much of the community.”

“We still have a lot of support, even familial support has come around, but in that moment it was us against the world.” explains Theo.


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