Don Brownrigg Reveals Stunning Single “The Same Time”

Newfoundland-born, Halifax-based songwriter Don Brownrigg evades simple definitions or easy categorization. 

His music is both intimate and acutely observational; he’s a classically trained pianist through The Royal Conservatory but learned to really play during the musical east coast kitchen parties his family threw when he was growing up; and as a frequent and prolific collaborator, he’s able to shift styles and moods as the music demands or he sees fit. 

Don is about to share a new single entitled “The Same Time,” somewhat of an existential exploration of the ‘next step’ in a relationship.

Strong vocal harmonies, accompanied by guitar and keys explore themes of relationship lag, drag, and confusion. In Brownrigg’s words, “The Same Time” captures “the duality of struggling in love while being in love and having to be so many things at [once].”.


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