Toronto’s Chrome Daphne is a Duo to Watch

Chrome Daphne is a Toronto-based duo comprised of producer/multi-instrumentalists Chris da Silva and Jay Cherr. Futuristic dance grooves coalesce with moody R&B, as this distinctive pair weave rich synthetic textures into the warmth of analog instrumentation.   

There” was inspired by a short-lived romance that left Jay Cherr wanting more in terms of intimacy, and when that relationship ended, it led him to a state of mindfulness.

“Out of all the things in the world, all the things we can experience and feel as humans – why do we feel this need to rush? What is there to rush, honestly? Aren’t we just “there” to feel as close and as amazing as we can?” said Jay Cherr. “Let’s just put aside all of these worries and insecurities for these few moments that we’re in bed together. If it feels this good, let’s make it last for as long as we can.”


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