Dead Levee Showcases Bold Track “Nothing Good Comes Easy”

The elevating new single from Regina rockers, Dead Levee, “Nothing Good Comes Easy” is a redemption rock song about overcoming any and all obstacles that may come between you and your dream. Recorded on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, British Columbia with legendary producer, Garth Richardson, at The Farm Studios, this song brings nature and rock n roll together in perfect harmony. 

The band was inspired to write this song when they were driving by the ocean on Sunshine Coast, BC in their 1989 Ford Econoline, and realized that this song they had been writing for the past 2 years was missing a perfect hook to tie everything together. “Nothing Good Comes Easy” is a reminder that in order to see the best views or experiences, you have to keep pushing ahead through the peaks and valleys of life.

“The message we want people to take away from this record is that most things in life can be difficult,” said songwriter Dane Von Hagen. “You just have to pick yourself up and keep working your way through the tough times and we promise that you’ll see the brighter days ahead.”


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