Based in Brampton/Toronto, Canada, the band SICAYDA is a dense combination of genres that emanates a fuzzy, animating, and ethereal aesthetic; their high-powered live performances and unique sound pushes them from shoegaze’s shimmering-gloom roots into a blisteringly powerful sonic direction.

KYG (KILL YOUR GOD)” their upcoming single, is a companion piece to previous release, “KYE (KILL YOUR EGO). While “KYE” focused on how some in the band’s circle are selling them out to who they perceive will grant them access, “KYG” is about those who artists are sold out to.

The music industry and scene that SICAYDA is a part of only has white people as gatekeepers and so the band has chosen to speak openly about the unfair treatment that non-white individuals in the industry face.

Sonically, “KYG” is a powerful alternative rock song which blends the band’s shoegaze influences with more direct and impassioned vocals. 

The song harnesses emotive anger to depict how those in positions of power within the music industry feel about themselves: huge symbols to worship yet they contribute nothing and tower over the artists that created them.


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