Les Cooper is No “Stranger” on New Release

Les Cooper is an award winning producer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from the Greater Toronto Area. He was recently awarded Gold record status for his co-writing and production on the album Chances by Jill Barber. His productions have won JUNO Awards (Meaghan Smith, The Good Lovelies), as well as several JUNO nominations.

Turning to his solo project, Les is sharing “Stranger,” a lush and downtempo piece of songwriting which combines organic and electronic elements. 

You can check out the song here: 

Having spent a lot of time touring as a guitar player, Cooper encountered many wonderful people and in many cases they would all hang out together, regardless of who was famous and who wasn’t. “Stranger” reflects on the individuals who wouldn’t let go of this perceived divide.

“I think that it’s hard for some people to adjust to the reality of life as a regular person after they’ve felt what it was like to be adored and famous,” explains Les. 

This song was born out of a feeling of frustration and the need to “say the kinds of things you’re not really allowed to say to some of these folks.” The track begins calmly but there is a point where it all falls apart and the “real person comes out.”


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