Jeremy Dion is a performing songwriter, published author, a devoted father, and a professional counselor. Drop by unannounced to his home near Boulder and you’re as likely to catch him writing songs in his studio or crafting birdhouses or cribbage boards in his wood shop.

According to his mother, Jeremy came into the world singing. He started with the piano at age seven, and began writing songs when he first picked up a guitar at the age of 18. In his new album, Sharpe and Dion, you can hear the subtle hints of influences like Paul Simon and Jerry Garcia, John Denver and David Gray. It is saturated with bluegrass, folk, and rock n’roll. Dion has a unique “Mile High Americana” style with the sound of hope and heartbreak, a loving distillation of the experiences we’ve all known at one time or another.

With three albums, this fourth album has proven himself a true artist. His latest recording, Sharpe & Dion captures the sound of a dynamic duo born of a 20-year musical friendship featuring Peter Sharpe (The Railsplitters) on mandolin and tenor guitar. The first single, “Blowin’ Smoke” is out now and really captures the blue grass feel that is smothered all over the album. 

A fan once stated that ,“when you listen to Bob Dylan, you learn about others. When you listen to Jeremy, you learn about yourself.”

“Music is a chance to tell stories of pain and beauty,” says singer-songwriter Jeremy Dion. “I want my songs to make people feel something unexpected.” Jeremy doesn’t just take us into his life with his songs; he shows us our own and this new album does just that especially with the song “Mend the Miles” which is a beautiful song that we can all relate to in these current times. Wrapping up the album is the gorgeous melodic song “Golden Some Day” which is all acoustic and will melt your heart. This song has hints of Jason Mraz and the golden flow of the song matches the golden title of the song. It will leave you entranced and want to listen to the album all over again. 


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