Red Flower Lake Releases Daring New Single, “Flying Dream”

The musical duo that is Red Flower Lake, Abel and Rahimah, have known each other since their elementary school days. Once they hit high school, Rahimah realized that Abel was meant to be in her life forever, and the rest is history. They bonded through their aesthetic and shared love for music, which became their life. They each found their way as multi-instrumentalists and had an ever growing collection of instruments and production equipment. 

Red Flower Lake is not afraid to experiment, and their new song, “Flying Dream” is no exception. With a Lana Del Rey vibe to it, the track is about finding the truth of who you are and who you want to be. They question what it really feels like to feel good in both our physical bodies and our mental bodies. 

“Sometimes we play music just to see what comes out,” says Rahimah. “This song was born from one of those sessions. Sculpted over a year in more than a dozen sessions, this song is not a conventionally structured song… it crosses the lines of conventional songwriting and hopefully sparks curiosity about what it feels like for you to feel good – leaving convention, tradition, and expectation behind and embracing the reality of your powerful and magical truth.” 

“Flying Dream” transcends simplicity while also employing it. Red Flower Lake, or RFL for short, creates a space where it’s okay to question what we’ve never questioned before. Take a listen and hear for yourself.
“Flying Dream” is out now wherever you stream music.

Connect with RFL online below:







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