Dave Tate Brings Us on “The Adventure”

Dave Tate’s new album ‘The Adventure’ dives headfirst into the uncertainty of life, the dark and the light, the heavy and the easy, and the balance of walking between them. The Adventure represents a journey of learning to trust in one’s own strength in the face of circumstance. While most of Tate’s solo music leans towards a mellow singer-songwriter vibe, much of ‘The Adventure’ departs into Alternative, Acoustic Rock, and Adult Contemporary territory. Tate’s powerful and angelic range sometimes resembles that of Jeff Buckley, while his hushed voice can bring up echoes of Paul Simon. On ‘The Adventure’, Tate’s guitar style and songwriting can at times be reminiscent of John Mayer. Syncopated rhythms, unique percussive acoustic guitar lines, and both soaring and intimate vocals all support Tate’s poetic vision as he grapples with life’s big questions on ‘The Adventure’

“His own unique style (think of a cross between Paul Simon and Jeff Buckley, not just in style but also in quality) hits such a level of perfection that it’s hard to comprehend anything more beautiful….I have come to know long before now, as Nick Drake was discovered to be, that Tate is one of the most unique singer-songwriters ever.” His songs have a melancholy edge covered by a sweetness similar to that of John Mayer or Jason Mraz. The song “Fall to You” will break your heart while the song “Serendipity” will put it back together. “I look inside” and “Coming Back” are two songs that will touch your heart and songs that we can all relate to during these trying times.

A native of the red rock desert of Zion National Park, Tate’s music is often inspired by the towering beauty of his red rock mountain homeland. Tate has been hailed as “One of the most unique artists ever.” by Heaven Magazine and “An artist who is so incredibly good that you can’t really believe not all music magazines are writing about him already.” by Folk Form in the Netherlands. 

Tate has toured across the Western United States and in Europe on numerous occasions and his work was recently featured in a global on-flight commercial on all American Airlines international flights. Tate’s music spans a variety of styles across his nine studio albums. From the intimate folk on The Solitude of Here, The Same Heart, The Final Hour, The Houses of Healing, and Anima, to the Indie/Pop/Rock: Many Miles, Home is in the Stars and Rising Up. 

When living in Salt Lake City, Tate met Swedish singer-songwriter Victoria Lagerström, a former Ms. Sweden, who came to the US from Stockholm to write and record with Tate. The couple soon fell in love and, three weeks after her arrival were married among the red rock cliffs of Zion. Lagerström never used her return ticket to Sweden. The couple now often performs as a duo, or with a full band under the name Many Miles


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