Teressa Mahoney Debuts Gorgeous New Record “Disillusions”

Based in Colorado, USA, Mahoney has been singing and writing songs from a young age. “Disillusions” is a new collection of songs born from the artist feeling that the pandemic crisis, and the intense isolation that came with it, could be used as a force for good. 

“I woke up one morning last October with a vision for a new collection of songs. These songs would be like the warm hand of a friend to people whose beliefs have been shaken. They would attempt to offer hope that this frightening and isolating feeling is a good and necessary part of a faith journey.”

The result is an album of songs that are both purposeful and relevant. 

“Maybe,” the first song on the album, is a beautiful folk song featuring songwriter Lori Chaffer, who also helped to produce the album. Songs like “Emma” and “She” are also well written, and express Mahoney’s vocal range. 

Mahoney gives credit to Lori Chaffer on her website about the new album, saying “she makes every song we work on together so much better.” It is this spirit of coming together, and helping one another, that shines through in her new album. 

Mahoney’s albums “Beyond” (2019) and “Made New” (2017) can be found on all major music platforms, and “Disillusions” will be released soon. 

Stay in touch with Teresa on her website www.teressamahoney.com and social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Stream and download Teresa’s music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. 


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