Kaitlyn Myers is “hopelessly (un)romantic”

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Not everyone loves being a romantic or wants to be involved in romanticism, as Kaitlyn Myers shares with us in her latest single “Hopelessly (Un)romantic”. Kaitlyn took an approach not many artists do with love and created a song that discusses the negatives of romanticism. In her perspective, Kaitlyn discusses having a cold heart and letting people down, therefore distancing herself from those who wish to be with her. Kaitlyn sings about finding cliche romantic actions and songs boring and instead wishes to bring out the other side of romance. This is the side of unreciprocated love and of choosing not to love. 

Kaitlyn Myers approaches an R&B feel with jazz influences in her latest single. The instrumentation is much like slow jazz songs, but carries some influences from R&B music. This song sounds very much like a live performance, almost like from NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series. The melody is played through a synthesized keyboard and stands out as setting the general mood of the song. The shaker and snaps are what add more of a jazz feel to the song along with the drum instrumentation. What really stands out however, is Kaitlyn’s big beautiful voice and the lyrics realism. Kaitlyn’s voice fluctuates frequently from high to low, and from short and sweet to long and soulful notes. 

Her lyrics stand out the most because of how realistic and relatable they are. Kaitlyn sings about the cliches that bother her such as picking petals off flowers and holding hands. Kaitlyn also uses a lot more intricate terminology such as “cognitive dissonance” and “romantic antics”, which is not seen often in music, especially in songs in the R&B and love realm. In “Hopelessly (Un)romantic”, Kaitlyn is able to play on words and layer her lyrics in a storytelling manner by the verse. Being in the R&B world, Kaitlyn has a lot of female influences to draw from. Her production style is very similar to Sabrina Claudio, who also uses jazz influences in some of her songs. As for the voice, Kaitlyn has such a unique voice it can be a little difficult to pinpoint her influencers. However, her voice can be compared to a combination of Snoh Aalegra and H.E.R as they both sing with variation in their voices and both belong to the same genre. 

“Hopelessly (Un)romantic” is a breath of fresh air. It is a song about something that isn’t often written about. We’ve heard love songs, we’ve heard toxic relationships, but we have to hear of someone who cannot love and hates cliches. Kaitlyn’s voice draws attention and holds onto it throughout the entire song. This single is appealing and unique. We are excited to hear more from Kaitlyn. For all you unromantics out there, this song is beautifully composed and represents a different perception of love. 

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