Hip Hop Artist Hookdiggy releases new single “School Crush”

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, HookDiggy draws his influence from HipHop beats, lyrics and rhythms creating a heady and upbeat mix taking the genre back to its roots. With a musical upbringing, singing, playing piano and drums from an early age, HookDiggy feels at home creating his own version of well written hip-hop. 

Such is his originality, that HookDiggy has recently been recognized by some of Hip Hop’s big names including artists Redan and Melanie Rutherford (on the single “A Lil’ Bit”), drummer Ron Otis, and Hip Hop producer Hilton “Deuce” Wright II. 

His latest album release “Good Music,” was mixed by Grammy award winning producer Mike Wilson. This new sound is definitely refreshing for the genre as a whole, as well as being fun. As the artist says himself, “It makes you want to dance a bit.”

Currently, HookDiggy performs weekly on his This Is Hip-Hop Thurdsay platform releasing his new singles, and is working on his EP with drummer J Spence. 

“School Crush” feels distinctly new, refreshing and bringing the Hip Hop genre into a new realm. 

Stay current with HookDiggy on his website https://hookdiggy.com

Follow HookDiggy on his social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Listen to his music streaming on Spotify and You Tube music. 


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