Marius Billgobenson Debuts “The Spirit Love”

Marius Billgobenson’s The Spirit Love features 11 personal songs that are grounded in what he calls “the completeness of gratitude in my heart” and explore love in different facets, with the goal of inviting and motivating more “Love Spreaders” for a change. Marius put his heartfelt vocals on “Joy” written by songwriter Karen Goldston Thompson and “Wait and See.” Both were written and produced by guitarist and genre hit maker Paul Brown. Six others were helmed by another premiere urban jazz chart-topper, Chris “Big Dog” Davis. Marius wrote and produced the collection’s first two lead singles, “Tears on the Ground” and “Tribes in Mind,’ which feature his honeyed raspy vocals and trademark artful fusion of jazz, soul and African rhythms and vocal textures.  Marius shares “Adopting gratitude has become my mission, even in the midst of pain, for I am a subject of others’ love, above all.”

Listen to The Spirit Love, here:

Marius says “The Spirit Love is all about the way we experience the feeling of being alive, being ourselves and offering our unique gifts to others. We remember the life source of energy in The Spirit Love, because you exist just as a consequence of love. All of the positive impact you have had in loving and strengthening your loved ones may reveal memories that make you feel strong and happy.” 

A true musical citizen of the world committed to bridging longstanding cultural divides, Stockholm, Sweden based singer, songwriter and guitarist Marius Billgobenson has created a soulful and empowering fusion of jazz, blues, pop, R&B and the dynamic rhythms and vocal sounds indigenous to his homeland of the Congo. His invigorating blend of jazz instrumentation and African music seeks to bring awareness of disenfranchised communities.


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