Nina Lee Seduces Your Ears on New Single

Luring us in with her sultry voice, Nina Lee releases her latest single “Hate It Crave It”. A very pop infused single, Nina brings on her storytelling capabilities by describing a feeling so commonly shared within society. “Hate It Crave It” is a song about love lost and love desired. There is someone who we hate because they are toxic, but we can’t help but crave. Nina’s voice shares the pain behind wanting something that is bad for you and incredibly relatable in the demographic that listens to pop.

At only 21 years old, Nina Lee has many accolades to her name. She frequently sings about moments in society that are important to her as well as any deep emotions she wishes to share with listeners. Her songs tell stories and ask for social change, which is very critical for musicians to stand out and stand up in this day in age. Her musicality blends an edgy voice and lyricism with a soft instrumentation. Being a New York native, Nina has had the privilege of being surrounded by and exposed to various cultures and cultural influences that help inspire her music. 

“Hate It Crave It” has a beautiful combination of emotions through its production value. The beat has a soft guitar melody with a few hard-hitting snares that bring out a pop style. The vocal production is smooth and smoky as Nina sings at a high pitch, but with a deep feeling behind it. Her voice is very similar to Dua Lipa’s where it is deep but high and matches the style frequently used in pop music. Dua Lipa also sings about love and heartbreak often, similar to Nina Lee’s latest single. Listening to this single brings about a muddled sensation between hating the person who abused you but wishing nothing more than to be back with them.

Nina’s voice carries this single as it is soulful and deep with passion and intensity. “Hate It Crave It” is a song about the emotions felt in between a recent breakup and moving on. It is an extremely relatable song as there are many people who feel the same after going through a recent breakup. That shared experience is wanting to say goodbye to life with another person while also wishing to never have to say goodbye again. Nina has truly made a hit song that is easily able to connect with listeners and allow them to be fully submerged in this story Nina tells. “Hate It Crave It” is a perfect fit for the pop genre and if you like Dua Lipa, you’ll like Nina Lee. 

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