Cities and Sounds Delight with “Ghosts”

“Ghosts” is the new single from Cities and Sounds, dropped on August 20th .
Cities and Sounds is a New Jersey based band who claim to have written and put together “Ghosts” in just one
hour. The result is a cool pop-rock song that is definitely a radio hit.

Singer Stephen Nakovich says that “Ghosts” is all about being heard among the noise: “If you feel people zone
you out, don’t take your voice seriously, or don’t even hear you. What you say does matter and there is always
a way to express yourself.”

For a song written in such a short amount of time, it does stand out as an anthem of sorts. Once they had got
the melody down so quickly, the chorus was really just a matter of putting the pieces together.
The band “Cities and Sounds” came about formed for a love of music in the summer of 2020. The five New
Jersey based artists formed the group, wrote and recorded an album of songs together with Chris Badami of
Portrait Recording Studios. They plan to release their brand new album “Brilliant Waves” later this year.


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