Lindsay Solo Shares Jazz-Inspired Release


Lindsay Solo is the owner of a stunning and masterful voice, which she uses to entertain her audiences all across the globe. Clear and haunting notes detail out her vocals, along with a beautiful ability to harmonize. There is no doubt that Lindsay Solo is an up and coming artist on the rise – her latest album is about to be the next hit and listeners can’t get enough! Lindsay Solo’s “Love Reimagined” is an album full of deep drums and moving lyrics that collide in a soft grunge embrace. As if made to accompany a movie release or premier on a global release trailer, “Love Reimagined” is the moody Echosmith/Adele crossover we need in our lives. Moody and touching, Solo’s trademark vocals will leave each listener in her audience with a mark – her unique sound will enrapture and entrance in a song in a way seeming fit only for royalty. 

With a touch of the modern vibe, Solo is able to draw from parts of Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo and blend them into her own artistic design. Each song is woven into “Love Reimagined” carefully and delicately, fascinating the music industry with her genius renditions of ‘the usual tricks’ musicians keep up their sleeves. Powerful cinematic sensibility stirs within Solo’s songs; listeners won’t be able to get enough. An experienced vocalist through the genres, Lindsay Solo makes herself accessible to fans of all music styles. A performer at heart, Solo’s “Love Reimagined” spins memories in the audience’s minds of wonderful things – and things to remember. 

Gorgeous, deep, and cinematic, Lindsay Solo’s “Love Reimagined” is the next album you have been looking for and won’t ever tire of. Beautiful can’t even begin to describe the album’s sound. An experience for itself, listening to “Love Reimagined” is going to give you goosebumps.


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