Bryan Banks Shares Bold New Release

Dancing around the fire that is the music industry creates an enticing and enthralling trip for those who dare to dream. When you come to the realization it will burn you quick and break you fast, your left to weigh the passions of your pursuits against the failures, betrayals and disappointments which accompany the chase. This hasn’t stopped Banks from pursuing his greatest passion in life-playing and creating music and sharing the love of it with others.

As a drummer for Owen’s Grudge, a popular local melodic hard rock band from Northeastern Pennsylvania during the early 2000’s- Banks provided solid groove oriented drumming and rich vocal harmonies for the group. A shift in the bands direction lead him to pursue other musical ventures, which included accompanying drums and percussion for some of the areas top acoustic acts as well as filling in the drum chair as needed for other local bands. An overwhelming desire to write original material again lead him to start putting together subtle guitar parts eventually leading to the genesis of the solo CD project “The Sudden Sounds Of Urgency”. With songs featuring heavy melodic guitar tones, soulful vocals and a driving back beat this artist just might become of your new favorites.


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