Star Goes Nova Reveals Spacey New Single

With music as epic as her industry name, Star Goes Nova does it again with her track “Moonlight Beat”. Immediately the song captures you in a tangle of deep beats and futuristic notes that build up into a bold and brave space symphony. A track that inspires its listeners into a resonating feeling of fantasy and nobility, “Moonlight Beat” is an astronomical audio adventure.

“A cinematic dubstep instrumental composition”, Star Goes Nova transports you onto another world through “Moonlight Beat”. Gorgeous piano mixes itself with celestial instrumentalization and neoclassical electronica. An unforgettable experience, Star Goes Nova is able to take you into a heroic and otherworldly reality.

Entrancing EDM invites you into a universe all your own in “Moonlight Beat”. A track that is made to grace the title track of movie premiers or the intense sci-fi season finale, “Moonlight Beat” is made of epic proportions. Fans of Star Goes Nova will find their new favorite in the track, and new audiences will find their new favorite in this intergalactic artist.

Expertly blending genres into a futuristic masterpiece of her own devices, Star Goes Nova is a powerful artist. A strong creative force to be reckoned with and a musical magician, a beckoning ribbon of harmonic notes entrance Star Goes Nova audiences. Majestic nobility effortlessly intertwines itself among the notes of her songs, and “Moonlight Beat” is no exception – in fact it is the epitome. Music lovers and talent scouts look no further than Star Goes Nova, the must-hear genius of striking and stunning musical creations. 


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