Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience Unleashes “This Old Man”

Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience has done it again with their single “This Old Man”. A beautiful storytelling, “This Old Man” follows the tale of Johnson and his daughters. Sweet and personable, the lyrics reflect the lighthearted and warm tone the song casts. Its upbeat nature and electronic tones are a nice and refreshing change from the traditional big band sound Shaun Johnson usually goes for, and turns into a gentle lullaby. Not only does his latest release have a youthful sound, but soulful lyrics to note. Sung elegantly, words such as “I’ll never grow up” find their way along the song’s trail. Made to match the “This Old Man” lullaby, the melody and rhythm of Johnson’s release stay in perfect step with its familial theme. 

As the story of “This Old Man” progresses, the audience learns how Johnson tells his children he’s “got one more lullaby” to sing to them, and how “this old man’s not letting go”. Sentimental and serene, these lyrics put a gentle reality into the story that makes it that much more authentic.

With a masterful voice and exquisite instrumentalization, Shaun Johnson proves that an artist can excel in multiple genres in the music industry. Still Big Band but now also Singer-Songwriter, a delightful mix of genre-bending songs await Johnson’s fans and new audiences alike. Despite the lack of traditional big band sounds, “This Old Man” does have classic roots like the big band era song “What’ll I Do”. A tune equally sentimental, Johnson considers it a meaningful influence and emotional tour de force. Desiring a similar effect, Johnson wrote “This Old Man” to match that spirit, “a song with a universal message that is hopeful but bittersweet, a relatable lyric that touches on melancholy and memory”. 


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