Jon Steele Reveals “Mig the Pig”

Jon Steele is not the kind of musician you’ll hear on the radio. He’s a unique artist that uses his life experiences as inspiration in his songs. Sometimes, he takes inspiration in the strangest of places. For example, his song “Mig the Pig” was actually inspired by a movie. “I wrote this song based on a Stephen Spielberg film called the Duel. Where a crazed man chases a car driver around In a Diesel semi-truck all story long. I got the idea for putting the sound of a semi-truck starting its engine at the beginning and ending of the song.” 

“Mig the Pig” is very much on the Avant Garde side of rock music, with the sound of pigs and a truck woven in and melodically atonal. There isn’t much the listener can grasp onto and say “Hey that’s a groovy beat.” But that’s the point. It’s not meant to be a song that has you tapping your foot. It’s meant to be a narrative, one of disconnect. He says that “Mig the pig is also a character I made up as someone who is demanding and relentless in his life’s perfection.” The way he uses the pig noises in the song symbolizes that disconnect further, between man and nature and man and self.

The lyrics are sung in a more spoken word form than harmonic singing. He says “I perform the vocals, write the lyrics and play the drums on this track. I had some help putting the pig noises in the song. My vocals are just me talking mainly.”

Jon Steele’s unique style of storytelling is one that should be listened to more often. He really makes you think about the meaning behind his words and his intentions behind his songwriting. You won’t listen to anything else like Jon. He has this ability to grab your attention and run with that for as long as he can. He’ll make you realize that anything and everything is music. Not every musician can do it and Jon does it well.


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