Kristen Mather De Andrade Unveils “Guelê Guelê”

Kristen Mather’s video “Guele Guele” is true to the songwriters heart, and is as war and relatable as the beautiful classic spanish acoustic guitar that is interwoven throughout the track. As the beautiful classical guitar opens up the video, so does beautiful video shots of Brazillian scenery. It creates a serene moment audiences will not want to miss. 

Then the song becomes upbeat, introducing a faster pace to the video to. As the music began to move, so did the people of Brazil. Following the soft awakening from the still and calm introduction, typewriter typing sounds are introduced in to the track. Mirroring the audio introduction, the videology switches to an animated short of using a typewriter, helping to share the story of this song. 

As the “Guele Guele” video travels between different scenes with real videos and animated shorts, the video also travels through different scenic regions. This creates a beautiful visual tale depicting the song’s journey. “From a typewriter in the North East of Brazil to a studio in Brooklyn – this song made a physical and musical journey into our hearts!” producer of the video, Kristen Mather de Andrade, writes. Just as skillful artists do, this was so evidently show in the blending of the animated tale and the picturesque scenes the audience is treated with. 

“This video tells the story of the songs by Roque Ferreira for album “Clarão” making their way from Brazil to New York”, de Andrade continues, noting the clarity that the video makes of this journey. In a beautiful manner all it’s own, the “Guele Guele” video shows the realness of the journey that the songs took in such a personable and welcoming way. Fans of Ferreira and de Andrade will be overjoyed that such a special story is shared in this video’s girl-next-door style, staying true to the light yet grounded style the story has about itself. A traveling between cultures, bringing them together through this song and this video, is always a thing worth rooting for.

Find more of Kristen Mather de Andrade via:
You Tube channel. 


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