Megan Barbera Unleashes Vibrant New Single

A therapist and advocate for mental health, Hudson Valley based singer/songwriter and story-teller, Megan Barbera, knows how to bring people together. Drawing in her audience with her detail-oriented lyrics, Megan takes her listeners on a vivid journey with each song she produces. Megan’s past accomplishments include the production of three albums: Zig Zag to the Sea (2010), Bluebird Sky (2017) and All We Cannot See (2021). She has also produced two singles, one released in May of this year (Be Careful with Your Words), and the other, her most recent single, No Ordinary Thing. Megan’s musical talents have also garnered the attention of, Indie-Music News’ Top 25 songs for 2011, and the following brands: Mela Purdie (an Australian clothing line), Naturalizer Shoes and San Miguel Beverage Co.

No Ordinary Thing focuses on the magical art of connection, with Megan reflecting on the time you come across someone (or something) who will accept you as you are. She sings, “You hung out for a while and shared a secret smile; And when you two touched hands you said, must’ve been made for me.” She then goes on to reference the excitement and spur of the moment adventures that you want to go on with the person (or animal, in this case) who accepts you wholeheartedly.

Megan showcases an array of influence the Hudson Valley has on her music: guitar, harmonica, drums, sirens, roosters, birds chirping, muffled conversation in the background, a clap of thunder and the chime from a bicycle bell. The culmination of these sounds also brings out Megan’s influence of folk and roots music, along with her inspiration for local culture, human-animal bonds, personal growth and family life (similar to artists like Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams and Natalie Merchant).

Megan contends, the “song basically wrote itself”, and expresses, “This song was inspired by the bond we share with animals and the lessons they teach us. Each comes into our life offering a new lesson for us to learn about ourselves.” Throughout the song, she gives the listener a sense of excitement about going on an adventure with their furry companion, hoping their fun times will never come to an end.        

We love that Megan Barbera is able to connect with her audience through relatable lyrics and catchy melodies. “Every once in a blue moon, something or someone exceptional comes along and loves us wholly and completely just as we are. A little bit of magic that finds us when we least expect it. Serendipity has a knack for finding us. And helping us begin anew. This is No Ordinary Thing.” Megan’s light and playful song, No Ordinary Thing, is available on SoundCloud and will be available soon for pre-order. Be on the lookout for the accompanying music video as well!

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