Livia & The Rosebuds Reveal the Ambitious “He”

Blues punk band Livia and the Rosebuds have absolutely outdone themselves with the release of their newest single, “He”. The band’s badass frontwoman, Livia Rose Overton, beautifully mixes different genres and shows her songwriting ability when it comes to this emotional and sassy anthem about being in love with a toxic man. Livia and her co writer, bassist and guitarist Landon Moore, are able to convey so many emotions with this song that is honestly super relatable for many women. The pain of knowing you’re in love with someone who is bad for you is a very common emotion and Livia and the Rosebuds was able to put that on full display with an infectious rock sound in “He”.

“He” starts out with an overdriven bass part and instrumentation that is purely funk and blues inspired, but as it goes on, the song morphs and starts to get more intricate and intense. By the end, it has completely transformed into a calm and dream-like feel that showcases the anger of its topic, but also the soft and loving side with both the change in musical style and delivery of the lyrics. Born and raised in “Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll” Memphis, TN Livia clearly has music in her veins. Her merging of rock and blues and punk is truly inspiring and insanely fun to listen to.


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