Star Goes Nova Delights on New Release

Star Goes Nova has absolutely blessed us yet again with a beautiful new single and a soothing video to complement it.Played on a 115 year old piano and grime bass, Star Goes Nova has created “The Ocean Between Stars,” a melodic instrumental electronica ballad with a beat. SoCal based sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and masterful songwriter Christine Law is the genius behind Star Goes Nova. This single combines real instruments and Enya-style background vocals with electronic sounds to piece together the most epic, unique track. 

There are many layers to “The Ocean Between Stars,” and the music video surely encapsulates the emotional beats. The 5-minute piece includes many different dynamics, sounds, and moods. The entire song is incredibly soothing and wistful, but there are moments that are more intense than others. The video begins with a fade-in of an image of an old ship sailing in space, surrounded by beautiful lights and stars. The entirety of the first section zooms slowly into the image of the ship while the colorful lights move slowly inwards and outwards. Accompanied by a bridge-like section of the track, the image then shifts to a star forming. As the track transitions into a denouement, an image of the same ship sailing through space with a purple moon above it appears. 

The single along with its video counterpart are perfect for anyone in need of a moment to relax and be mindful. We are all in need of these moments these days, and Star Goes Nova has given us the perfect audio/visual experience to do so. We can’t wait to hear more!


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