Gift of Tongues Reveals “Happy” New Single

“Happy” is an electro, synth-pop song about the ways in which the narrator would make his lover happy. The song intro introduces the upbeat feel of the song with an electric guitar and bell. This quickly builds with a pulsing synth that contributes to the song’s undeniable pull. The lyrics display an eerie, almost obsessive type of love that starkly juxtaposes the lightheartedness of the background instrumental. Towards the beginning of the song, the lyrics almost seem romantic with lines such as “In the dark of the night I’d run miles for you” and “climb every mountain top, cross every stream, fulfill your every wish, everything you dream”. However, as the song progresses, the narrator continues to get more and more desperate, chanting phrases such as “I’ll be everything you need” and “I wanna make you mine”. This obsessive kind of love, hidden between the addicting pulses of electro-pop, is a thought-provoking piece that is not only danceable but intriguing.

The song is written by Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, David E. Johnston, frontman of the electro-pop band Gift of Tongues. Known for his pulsing grooves and synth-pop beats, David aims to create a safe space in his music, while being unapologetically himself. This can usually be seen in his happy EDM/Pop songs with tinges of darkness around the edges. “I guess it’s just in my nature” he states when asked about this recurring theme.

“Happy”, the new song by Gift of Tongues, is the second single to come off of the upcoming album “The Perfect Son”. After hearing these last two releases, we can’t wait to see what else this new record has in store!


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