Wolfe Hybrid Premieres Eclectic Single “All I Ask”

Wolfe Hybrid is the musical collaboration of songwriter/producers Jeff Wolfe (vocals) & James P. Noon (acoustic/electric guitars). Both are seasoned entertainment (Film/TV) industry veterans at the top of their respective fields. Wolfe Hybrid was formed in Los Angeles in 2019.

On “All I Ask,” interplay between the group gives the sound true heart for the song is propelled forward by a joyous energy. With nods to classic rock and Americana there is a deeply felt tenderness to their work, from the driving rhythms to the fantastically sculpted riffs that contain so much depth behind them. Nimble to its core, there is a kindness to their lyricism, one that retains a sense of hope behind it. They play with such fire and passion for they burn through the track duration in an intensely focused fashion.

Wolfe Hybrid plans to release a full-length LP of original songs in Spring 2021. James P. Noon is an accomplished VFX Producer known for his work at Yannix where he has worked on more than 300 Feature Film/TV projects. Jeff Wolfe is an award-winning filmmaker (and multi-hyphenate) who took home the 2014 Emmy Award for “Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Miniseries or Movie” for his exemplary work on NBC’s Revolution.

“All I Ask” revels in the beautiful storytelling of Wolfe Hybrid as they deliver small vignettes from lives lived to the absolute fullest.


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