Carolyn Shulman Unleashes “Double Stars”

Folk singer/songwriter Carolyn Shulman just released the debut single, “Double Stars” off of her upcoming album, Grenadine and Kerosene. The track is a beautiful ode to love that uses the metaphor of a binary star system in order to describe a relationship. It gives the song a unique perspective that pairs perfectly with the light drum beat and guitar. This Denver, Colorado-based songstress was able to create a beautiful song and music video for her debut that could make anyone appreciate the love in their life just like Shulman appreciates the love she has between her and her husband.

Carolyn Shulman moved to Denver with her family in 2014 and decided to pursue her lifelong passion for music and spend more time with her family instead of practicing law. The result of this decision was a beautiful folk sound and truly emotional lyrics that can touch any person who listens to them. With such strong female inspirations like Mary Chapin Carpenter and Patty Griffin, it is no wonder Shulman is able to effortlessly join the folk scene with her debut single. 

The video for “Double Stars” is an amazing addition to this release, using the beautiful scenery of Colorado and Shulman playing her guitar as the backdrop for the song. The visuals are so soothing and really just make you want to go outside and experience nature with the person you love. The scenery, the instrumentation, and Shulman’s stunning vocals all come together when it comes to “Double Stars” and I can’t wait to see what else is to come before the release of Grenadine and Kerosene in May 2021.


One thought on “Carolyn Shulman Unleashes “Double Stars”

  1. Thank you so much, Jane and Modern Mystery, for this sweet write up! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and publish this lovely review!

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