Jitensha Reveals New Garage-Rock Single + Video Out Now!

Jitensha is the garage rock love child of Erin Rose Hubbard and David Martinez. Their sound is a silvery union of honey sweet proto-punkiness and modern indie that is harmonically reminiscent of 1950s rock & roll. Lyrically, the duo toes the line between realism and optimism, focusing on social justice, environment and psychology, bringing you on a winsome journey of the human experience.

Jitensha’s brand new single/accompanying music video, “Sojourn,” is underpinned by the constant rhythm of a beating heart. Melancholy and contemplative lyrics embark on a steadfast journey. Stone by stone, from the bottom of the well of depression and doubt, the listener is lifted into the light, and the singular realization that in life or death, tout va toujour bien


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